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  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-1504, 23 Jun 2011Why is the battery life longer in 3g compared to 2gAs far as i know 3g standby times are always longer tha 2g radios.Can i explain no ,i cant be bothered but if your inteested in radio/transmitters theres plenty of coarses.In short 3g is the newer tech and as with all newer tech efficiency is always in the minds of companys,,after all there has still not been an increase in battery stamina since introduction of lithium polymer types..Fuel cells still to vulnrable and lead/acid toooo heavy,haha..

  • Wapp

A great step.. Nokia you'll win again.. meeGo: harmattan v1.2 hope you success.. I can see the rising star..

  • AnonD-1504

Why is the battery life longer in 3g compared to 2g

  • Jack_Frozen

il let this pass, il wait for a beta MeeGo(if its coming that is)....either than that Samsun GS2 Here I Come!!!!!!!!!!

  • ankur loonia

hey if it shold be the best phone of nokia then apart from the 1GHz cortex A8 processor, It should have 12MP camera with 1080dpi HD video recording, and blue tooth 3.0. And one doubt will MeeGo support Android(.apk) or symbian(.sis or .sisx) or iOS apps or it will have its own new type of apps.

  • Anonymous

why should nokia put drawbacks in each phone ??
bluetooth v 2.1,8 mp camera instead of 12 mp of n8,no card slot ........

  • Beyarfaj2004

this is nokia's first 1GHz mobile phone, in mid 2011, while HTC's first one was in Q1 2009, and SE's first one was in Q4 2009
nokia is 1000 years behind

  • AnonD-11741

No radio???? why is that?

  • arshad khan

nokia n9 os developed on with linux and on open source such as KDE and GNOME there are many open source which is used for MEEGO. i can say no mobile OS can be compared with MEEGO it is better then andriod and even microsoft os7...
Comparing MEEGO with android is such stupidity... People without knowlege only will compare MEEGO and andoriod... MEEGO is like gift from heaven for mobile GEEKs and developers.. Its successor of meamo5 which was in nokia n900 which was one of the best phone ever lauched for developer and mobile crazy geeky people..
I can say MEEGO is better then andriod and nokia has hit the on the target this time...

  • Anonymous

sams, 22 Jun 2011whatever nokia do,i don't buy any nokia phones because they are ... morewhat are you doing here? if you have nothing good to say, give at the very least something constructive. otherwise, get lost!

  • meego me went

AnonD-11513, 23 Jun 2011the most bad thing is no card slot. Not a dual core cpu, no radi... moreThe biggest single mistake is that it does NOT have a sd slot. Did Nokia not learn the lessons of the X6, E7 or the fact that many people prefer NOKIA over APPLE because of that single issue. If I want an Iphone I would have done so long ago. Business people do not need dual core as with 1Ghz, we are not going to be playing games. when you see this compared against the GALAXY S2 it is better in my opinion. Forget the fact that I would be changing from SYMBIAN to MEEGO and it's a one off, I don't care. As reluctant as I am it's the GALAXY 2 for me. I can't invest in something that is essentially an extention of the PC

  • Nicks

NICKS, 23 Jun 2011looking like osum wow...!!!!!such a osum mobile...!!!

  • anounimus-R

launching of n9 is somewhat like trying to swim against the flow with a skeleton. I am a fan of Nokia. I am worried why Nokia is not going for new OS.

  • dks

AnonD-11545, 23 Jun 2011u cant run all the android app in n9.and these app will slowdown... moreFriends. All android apps {not only android market) are running only nokia n9 not nokia n900 or apple iphone 4.
Nokia n9 has 12 mpx camera.
Down right side secondary video call camera.
Video recording is 1080p 25fps 720p 30fps.
But only one question whear is that battery.

  • cottej

The loudspeaker is verr low.

  • DPL

PUT A RADIO n FLASH. Then everything gonna be even better

  • lovingboy_akki

if nokia launch the android aur window 7.5 os then it willbe back again in market otherwise nokia is no moreeeeeeeeeeeeee


looking like osum


  • AnonD-3678

AnonD-224, 22 Jun 2011the only missing thing is 1080p :( i wish an update of 1080pPlus 1 processor core.

  • Mahaveer

It should contain fm radio.