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Nokia N9

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  • MewGow

It's has USB OTG but no fm radio,well who need fm radio you already has music player and also internet radio,fm radio is needed for cheap low end phone due to lack of features. And card slot aren't really needed coz 16gb and 32gb is more than enough and more storage with up otg.

  • ritesh

Another poor operating system by nokia.......

  • Anonymous

Why I have to buy that when there is Galaxy and Iphone.
And what is meego?????

  • AnonD-11513

the most bad thing is no card slot. Not a dual core cpu, no radio not a super amoled screen, nokia devicn still down againsed samsung glaxy2 nd htc sensation.

  • AnonD-4392

Doesn't Meego support USB on the go?

I won't upgrade to N9 from my N8... I'd rather wait for W8 because N9 doesn't have the following features which I use a lot and helps me differentiate from other phones...

FM Radio/Transmitter
USB OTG (Maybe N9 supports not sure)
MicroSD card slot(I keep swapping cards)
No normal SIM support which sucks...

  • harris

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2011Does anybody know the price range of this unit in dollars when i... more$175-190

  • Anonymous

Duo Core??? what the Heck Nokia need any Duo Core...

Nokia fanboy use to say ARM11 enough for them... now A8 @ 1GHz? already way too over... lol

  • praveen405

nice features:) i am waiting wen it wil available in market.

  • Anonymous

i believe it will suck again!

  • g2david

Nokia must charge 1000 US for this.

  • kiss

Well com Ricy D!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

Matt, 22 Jun 2011That's perfectly possible. But you wanna bet that when it's avai... moreWTF? It has no radio???

  • Kiss

Hey Anic Babu.. chat

  • kiss


  • Anonymous

Hello Allwyn

  • noname

Nokia + Meego + Low Price = Android killer

  • Nokia fans


  • friday man

With its superb design and dolby sound features, definitely this Nokia phone's gonna pop in the market!

  • Anonymous

why is the n9 a step up from n8 when the camera is only 8 which is the same as an e7 nut the lower version (n8) is 12 mp ????????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2011no sd slot fail againIt has 64gb you don't need that extra slot,but without FM Radio is unacceptable