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  • SteveNg

...just hope the battery holds longer between is no use having all kinds of apps, beautiful graphics and high ops speed when the basic power setup drains too HD2...

  • dbrown

symbian killed it for me!!

  • Me

Meego = Nseries
S^3 = E,X,Cseries

  • petko

1700 Mhz?

  • Anonymous

This phone will supposedly have Meego, not Symbian

  • Hash

its a good mobile but its better u buy a laptop instead of it...i lost 10k just because of this mobile.

  • Anonymous

kamran, 06 Sep 2010according to the specifications and the percieved shape, size an... moreho ta updte a nokia e71 via nsu updater

  • den

the nokia n9 will be the phone shown on gsmarena and the e7 will be the one that loo's like n8.

  • kamran

according to the specifications and the percieved shape, size and overall look of the device, i reckon this will be the E7. Nokia's first e series business centered touchscreen phone with a a qwerty keyboard. Even if they would launch a twin brother of n8, they would wait for sometime before launching n9 in order to avoid brand cannabalization. In my opinion this is not a meego device, we all think it is, rather e7. i may be wrong... what do u guys think??

  • genzi

5mp camera its unfair for n9....much have a good camera.

  • the right specificat

camera: 8 mp
4' nhd super amoled capacitive
cpu : 1 gh
ram 512 mb
rom 1 giga
micro sd up to 32gb
1280×720 pixel greater than the iphone 4

some sources said that the cpu will be expendable to 1.5 gh and the ram will be 1 giga and the rom to 2 gb

this is the source but in ARABIC:­748

  • Khairul

how much the price fo nokia N9

  • Manny

of course it is possible to be 5mp even if N8 was 12mp.. Just go check Sony Ericsson Vivaz 8mp and Sony ericsson Vivaz pro with 5mp.. they can't possible have a 12mp behind this phone...

  • Engineer Man

These new rumoured specs. I wonder how on a scale from 1-100% reliable & factual they are. hope they are 100% accurate. If they are pretty solid figures, then this is just what Nokia needs to keep them at the No.1. Also not just the device, but they need Meego to be very good, upto scratch & technologically superior to what the competition offers.

They also need to establish a good integrated market platform in which to make easily available one location to consolidate all Apps & render compatibilty across all Nokia Models between S^1, S^3, S^4, Meego & older platforms for Symbian for one stop one source App Store like Apple & Android.

The proposed specs of the 1/1.7" diameter camera lens are just a tad smaller than the 1/1.83" diameter of the camera lens for the Nokia N8. This means if the figures are true, then we could be well dealing with another 12MP camera. But speculation is all all the figures are unless the source is proven reliable as said earlier.

1280x720 pixels across a 4.0" AMOLED screen would also mean an extroardinarly small PPI pixels per inche density that could better Iphone. 64GB of Internal Hard disk space is also way ahead of what any of the competition is offering with Micro SDHC or XHC.

The 512MB of RAM is plenty to run the OS, kernel, services, or applications. If OS is efficient on how much memory is needed to run all these Core elements, then their is less chance that the OS should need to request extra memory from the Page File/Swap File.

But now all future Symbian OS's have a memory backup system like virtual memory pool, Meego also should not slow down the system unlke Desktop PC's where the swap file is tasking a mechanical hard disk for memory which also slows them down.

On these mobiles the swap file will run on equally as fast NAND flash memory & so their should be no slowdown in performance should the phone run out of Physical RAM.

Also I hope the CPU is at least an ARM Cortex A8, may even be Dual Core. Blutooth 3.0, Micro USB2.0, USB OTG would be very convenient. I like the idea of using a proper QWERTY keyboard aswell, although they probably won't allow the option or inclusion for an alternative Onscreen Virtual Keyboard, because Noia BETA labs are testing Sype which N8 owners may get which will be nice.

If the GPU is in fact a 540, this is supposed to be the current best GPU available for a Mobile phone I guesse until we see something faster.

The accelerometer would be standard, but it wouls be nice to see the Phone include a Gyro, aswell as a Magnetometer. These are welcome technologies & could be lucratiive for APP opportunities & Gaming.

So the news gets more exciting I just hope the specs are almost real & reliable. Bcause this is what will stop me from buying the N8 & waiting for this phone. Although by the time it is released their may already be phones with same technologies. It it's going to be a while I may wait for N8 review, buy it & get the N9 as upgrade as I will likely be stringently attached to an akward contract in that meantime.

  • Anonymous

New technical specifications of the N9 start appearing here and there, and they are as follows:

Screen Resolution: 1280 * 720
Screen Color Depth: 24 bit
Screen Size: 4.0 inch
Display Technology: OLED (RGB)
Thickness: 14.2 mm
Weight: 150
Input Method: Touch Screen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard
Data Bearers: IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN, HSPA +, WCDMA, EGPRS, EDGE
CPU Type: ARM Cortex-A8
CPU Clock Rate: 1 GHz

Graphics Processor: SGX540
Flash Technology: Adobe Flash 10.1
Camera Resolution: 12 MPix (4000 * 3000)
CMOS sensor: 1/1.7 inch
Camera focal length: 28 mm
Video Recording Resolution: 1280 * 720 (HD 720p)
Video Recording Frame Rate: 30 fps
Mass Storage Memory: 64 GB
NAND Memory: 1 GB
SDRAM Memory: 512 MB SDRAM
Maximum Memory Card Size: 32 GB
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI mini connector C, Micro-USB (OTG) ...
Battery: 1320 mAh

If they are true, then the N9 is going to be a REALLY powerful device.

Screen resolution of 1280x720 would be THE FIRST "HD ready 720p" display in a smartphone letting one view HD content WITHOUT ANY RESCALLING.

1 GHz Cortex-A8 should also be just fine (it's a 40% increase compared to N900) and should be easily overclockable to some 1,3 - 1,4 GHz.

1 GB NAND memory means that rootfs will finally have SUFFICIENT space to put all system components in there, without compromising speed on moving some parts to eMMC.

512 MB SDRAM means that swapping won't start until you really run A LOT of applications simultaneously and should have a huge positive impact on performance and overall experience.

And of course 12 Megapixel camera + 720 p video recording are also great features.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

Sept 14th is the grand opening of Nokia World.
Nokia N8 pre-orders delivered same day as Nokia World could send the device trending on Twitter and other social media.
700 fee to get into Nokia World could cover the cost of everyone including the developers attending the Nokia Developer Summit receiving a Nokia N8.
The Nokia N8 is now available in the device selection on the Ovi Store.
The Nokia N8 is available at Remote Device Access for Forum Nokia Pro.
More Nokia N8′s are seen in the hands of Nokia Marketing people, indicating that they have provided enough devices to developers.

  • Anonymous

From what I've red, It might run on the MeeGoo OS & it might have a 12MP camera & 30fps 720p video + a 1280x720 screen resolution.­0

  • john.doe

the alleged n9 would run at least flash 9.4 or 10.1. i think the megapixel count would be much higher than the 5 shown (why would it have lesser specs than that of a n8 because the n8 has a 12 megapixel camera). i also doubt it will run a snapdragon probably an ARM. finally it will NOT run symbian^3, nokia have said they will use meego or maybe symbian^4. we'll have to wait for NokiaWorld in a few days.

  • Phareouh

Fidelis O., 02 Sep 2010Why is Nokia not implementing windows OS on their mobile phone ?Cause they dont have to !

  • Anonymous

Fidelis O., 02 Sep 2010Why is Nokia not implementing windows OS on their mobile phone ?Because windows os is a retarded os?