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Nokia N9

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  • Instige

ff, 20 Jun 2010its my problem too , but when compare them(n8 and n9 ) there is ... moreIt seems there are quiet a few. QWERTY keyboard is one that is very visible. The other one is the OS. N8 has Symbian^3 whereas N9 is rumored to have Meego. Here's the link of the news :­n_uninspiring_video_teaser-news-1735.php

N9 after N900. Makes Sense. Or else Nokia will run out of names for their Meego device.

  • Anonymous

i hope this phone has 640x960 pixels, screen size larger than 3.5", 32gb internal memory with atleast 512mb ram, and good battery (more than 1500 mah)

  • ff

Ricardo-Mexico, 20 Jun 2010Is that real?? My real problem is going to be what phone to b... moreits my problem too , but when compare them(n8 and n9 ) there is no difference at all

  • Anonymous

nokia will never make android phones but see they are still number 1 . where is that samsung vision that they will overtake Nokia? haha. in their dreams. nokia is commited to two os only symbian and meego.

  • Anonymous

it'll surely come with 4.0 plus touchscreen a 512mb ram or even 1gb ram if it is and a a8 processor

  • Ricardo-Mexico

Is that real??

My real problem is going to be what phone to buy.. the N8 or the N9!!!!

  • Anonymous

i'd prefer symbian than meego. use symbian^3!!!!!!!!

  • ihsan

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010i wish this phone could be slim than the iphone and maybe a supe... morei heard that Nokia has a commitment that they will not use android OS instate of using Symbian OS. maybe it because that Symbian have been bought by Nokia.

  • Tamanna

CUL..I wish it releases soon..

  • Anonymous

i wish this phone could be slim than the iphone and maybe a super amoled screen and android os 2.2 froyo
also i want to see a 3D phone by nokia
maybe in the N10 it will be greaat
we love nokia ^^

  • Raman

What is nokia doing?
No need to launch it.
What is the next bomb of nokia?
I think N10.

  • sam

I hope this phone has 3x optical zoom.
phone looks like iphone+keyboard

  • nokialover

east or west
nokia the best

  • ani.anon

hi everybody,
I would like to clarify that nokia n900 is "NOT" a communicator phone..yup it has the features and facility..but nokia has not announced it as a communicator..people are morons if they think that n900 is a communicator..

  • Waseem

Yummmmmmm..... waiting for it

  • Anonymous

4 a phone 1 word magnificent & as a mini computer totally awesome

  • quain

this phone is amazing and about its price, its incomparable with iphone s,hahahhaa iphone is so expensive and less usable features, less application, no way iphone can go ahead of time with mokia phones,hehehe

one thing that make this phone a bad choice is that, its a slide phone, vulnerable to accidental drop,hehehe and flex is so easy to wear with respect to time, so if the flex wear, then ,you will no longer have a responsive screen display or the worst is no more display,hehehe

  • MCD

wtf!!!!!!!!!!! v3.0 bluetooth?! crazy la! must buy!!!!!!

  • Weapon-R

this mobile will become the great one if it has this features (in my opinion)

32gb built-in memory
4.5 inch screen with less borders
2000mah battery
512mb ram and 1gb rom
bluetooth 4.0
meego os
1ghz a8 cortex with gpu
and has all the ultimate feature of n8.

What do you think guys?

Wait a second, im having a really hard time figuring out how the hell is that dog and van damn get the hell outta there guys? I dont know with you if you have any ideas... But damn!!..

  • Marat

hoping for 512 MB RAM n A8 cortex CPU and 4.3 inch amoled screen with higher resolution than N8, same resolution as N900 maybe for great web-browsing.