Nokia N900

Nokia N900

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  • Anonymous

haha iphone copycat! thanks for the sliding keyboard it contrast somehow!haha nokia likes and look up to apple they try imitating instead of making it unique! nokia is an iphone fan!!!! hahahahah!!!LOL

  • mahmoud

this is to be my next phone! though i hoped it had 150mah battery,, anyhow is the 600mhz processor under-locked or normal-clocked?

  • luvi


  • melkor

I want it!!!

  • XXX

what;s the (Maemo 5) ... does anyone knows?

  • hendrawan

this is gonna be an awesome phone

  • Mobilemaster

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2009181g is very heavy Yeah, is very heavy, but look at the specs man, this phone is awesome, and better than the N97 failure phone!!!

  • vishal

I hope this phone have better function than n97.

  • g4vysd

nokia is back on top
unfortunately so is the price!!
it s to be expected tho i gues.. gta start saving up now

  • Anonymous

181g is very heavy

  • Anonymous

best phone out so far!!! :P

  • Anonymous

I em in love with this device, but Maemo OS is it Linux or what is it?
The video recording is not that great, and no Wi-Fi N to extend wireless captivity?


one's opinion would differ from another and it's funny to read smarties here who talk too technical, people who enjoy phones for various reasons.
i cant wait for the review of this phone, it had been a guide for me to buy phones... cheers y'all

  • Mobilemaster

Wow, what a great device, well done Nokia!!!