Nokia N900 gets a Gingerbread port, Nexus One stares in disbelief

24 December, 2010

Add the Nokia N900 to the short list of devices running the latest iteration of the Android OS – 2.3 Gingerbread. The last of the Maemo kind just got an unofficial ROM that, while not perfectly stable, proves that a relationship between those two is possible.

The Nokia N900 Gingerbread port comes courtesy of Alexey Roslyakov, a Russian coder, better known under the nickname DrunkDebbuger. He says a publicly available experimental release should come before the year's end, which means in less than a week. Of course it’s not completely functional at this stage, but cellular data, Wi-Fi and sound are a go and naturally support for the rest of the hardware is being added as we speak.

If being an alpha tester isn’t much to your liking, you can try the stable Android 2.2.1 Froyo release for your N900. Roslyakov says it should be available for Christmas.

The final bit of good news is that there will be some kind of Android release for the Nokia N900 in time for the old calendar Christmas (7 January).

It seems that all N900 owners have made Santa’s Good kid book this year.



Reader comments

  • srinu

does it mean that i'll be able to change the os of the phone? From maemo to andriod? Can any1 kindly tell me?

  • X≡R0

Instructions for installing Android 2.3 (Now stable) on the N900 can be found at:

  • muid

u guys are all right bt there are many applications available in android.lyk games.maemo is lagging behing in this.will dis software shifting be available officially?

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