Nokia N91

Nokia N91

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  • mangesh

how are you cindy ?. is everything allright?. it's been a long time for the reply.take care of urself.

  • cindy

mangesh, 30 Nov 2009@ cindy, no it's not normal,i also have n91.your phone have a b... moreHi mangesh!
thanx much!
ill look into it asap!
sorry iwasnt able to get back to ya...been away for quite a internet access...god u wont believe what i went thru!
anyway,thanx again!

  • sunny

ples tell me how to format my n91 4gb mobile because i forgat my lock code n i have already entered 5 times so ples help me

  • Nikhil

I want to buy an new ""Hard drive"" for nokia N91 8GB version.........
what should i do..????
Pl'z contact me on +919808277020

  • Anonymous

Just update u r firmware

  • rafael

where do u charge the nokia n91

  • rafael

where do u charge this phone

  • praveen

i am using nokia n91 but recently i have facing problem since last 5 days before my nokia 91 network has gone and i am trying to call any body but in same time call disconnect or connection error and also in same period mobile hange problem

  • Rainy

Hey Jish,
in wot condition is it? And wot price do u expect?


I use n9i

  • Sam

Hi guys,i was using my N91 to download applications but instead downloaded a virus,how can i remove it? Mail me on;

  • JISH

ab, 04 Jan 2010hi, i'd like to buy that phone. How much it costs?i have one to sale

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2009Not realy. The N91 was dethroned long ago by phones like the Sam... moreBut acorrding to GSM Arena the Iphone 3GS is the king of audio, just check the audio test in the review. I've owned a nokia n91 for almost 1 year and never haved troubles with it, it was a nice phone to me, but Nokia released the N82 and I got it, the best smartphone from Nokia till today.

  • enny

dis is great and a hard working award for nokia on n series,so u gys needs to keep it up. okey?i ill get thisd on monday.

  • ab

hi, i'd like to buy that phone. How much it costs?

  • Hey my hame is Greg

can the nokia 91 use as modem

  • Paresh

Its rocking for me

  • adi

is there any differece betwin the 4gb variant and the music edition8gb variant at the speakers or how the phone sounds or plays music? or there is the same phone just with bigger hard

  • Anonymous

sahil sood, 21 Dec 2009This phone is classic to use.. but is this phone durable as wel... moreyou want to buy a phone i am selling this phone for 80 pounds let me knw if u want to buy it

  • sahil sood

This phone is classic to use..
but is this phone durable as well??
i mean is there any problem with it,which comes out in longer terms??
i wanna buy it plz do tell me...