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  • Anonymous

@ DK

I feel sorry for u man this is all I can say. Remember, if u buy this N91, u are doomed to be roasted for the devil's dinner.

  • DK

And i forgat for you none-named person i haven't bought it yet but i've try it and it's definetly what i'm going to buy

  • DK

Smarth Signh yes camera and video is better then on your NOKIA 6670 and you none-named person you probably haven't ever see this phone can't just say "ugly brick" if you haven't seen it more then one few bad pictures and that's just making fun of something you know nothing about

  • Anonymous

Those who have already bought it are left with no option other then to talk good about it. I can certainly feel ur pain. I like ur philosophy of "What can't be cured must be endured";))

Within their hearts all the owners of N91 feel deceived by Nokia. Nokia itself have admitted that this phone got bombed by market and is the biggest nightmare ever for Nokia. Price for unlocked version got rom $1300 (first week) to $600 two weeks later. What a shame Nokia:( I feel sorry for those keeners who bought it in the first week.

I sympathize with Nokia and the poor owners of the Ugly Brick N91:(((

  • luke

no u didnt get my point ... im not complainin( more like grumbling) its just that phones with similair or better specs than the n91 (i dont need to mention names) semm to be MUCH smaller. other wise its quite a neat phone.... but still not the best i've ever seen

  • Samarth Singh

I have heard N91 camera in bad at brightness. I own a Nokia 6670 and want to know whether it is better than 6670 or not.Plz rply .Moreover ,now should present a review of N91 rather than sony ericsons . There is more anticipation on this set than any other released mobile so far. Kindly ACT !!

  • Amr

To Risa,
Yes the phone is in the three colors you said which actually are all great but sure Nokia will provide one or more color as a renewal to the product life cycle

  • Amr


I saw the phone here in Egypt @ i2 shop and the price i said is in US Dollars $$

  • Amit

GSM Arena give us a full specification review for this phone...waiting desperately....

  • Row^roW

Hi ppl... yesterday i saw for the very first time this mobile in my hands... its awsome especially the grey with chrome one.. the price is approx 800 euros. Thats the only thing for what im not going to buy it! too expansive but still... Nokia Rulez \m/.

  • liew

to: AMR..

may i know where u see the phone?? cost 1050?? is in RM or....

  • Anonymous

vodafone uk have just put n91 back again to may 26.

  • tom

hi to all this the superb outstanding phone,those pepole who make negative comment in my opinion the must me s.e or samsung user bcos real nokia fan not make any -ve camment and those who say it is big in my opnion before they dont use any nokia smart phone becos they are all big and after using if u get this one u will not fell bulkyness.before this i have n70 after upgrading i see lot of differance like music what can i say it 100times better the cheap plastic walkman phones through loud speaker also it ii superb and at last u see review of differnt phone in this site the man who review he was always with s.e phones acc to him nokia phones are not have good base,waste camera he always goes on praise with in my opnion real nokia fan does not care about this lol things.always nokiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 91!no one beat it after all those make negative in my opnion they do not have money so they write wrong thins about this phone.bye

  • risa

I want to get this phone so badly. I like the model, i think it's very elegant.
Anyone know exactly how many colors they have for this?
Because I saw on the nokia website the press section
there this picture of three nokia n91 all in different color.
There's silver, dark grey, and black.
Anyone knows?

  • Anonymous

to all the kidds around here..

those who feel N91 as a brick..
see N91 dirctly,, its soo beauty and its looks far far better than the graphic images,

for those who say its not stable.
it carrys 314mhz running on S60 3rd editon os,, is that not enough to run normal applications,,? ( oh i remember my 1st intel pentium II , ) ofcourse an OS hang according the way u use it,,,

those feels 2megpix cam is not enough,,
kidds a cam comming on a mob with 5 meg or 2 meg, if it dont have an optical zoom,, its same.... only the pix size differs,, but not quality,,, (if u need good quality images , use digcam,, or try some digital SLR,,)

i dont have words to say bout it,, its better than ipode,, so sharp, clear and loud..(oya not via loudspeakers,, )

try it,, feel it,, then say words bout it fan boys... and also ITS NOT PLASTIC >>>>>>

  • joshua

Hi nokia fanatics. I've seen this fone here in Manila. It cost 36,000 Philippine Peso. For me, just buying an Apple Ipod Nano,4GB(cost here 15,000php) and a cam phone(2MP), I think its really worth. I just wonder if N91 does any support with its OS. My only fear with this fone is it's OS, just like my Nokia 7710 that has no support with it's OS. Many thanks. Hope to receive any feedback

  • Anonymous

This phone has bombed Nokia's expectations. Totally disaster. Ugly looks, brick sized shape and unfriendly version. Whats the point of buying a mobile phone which is immobile.

Nokia must be about to fire the conceptualizer of Nokia N91. Don't worry Nokia, N83 will compensate for your loss with N91.

  • realdragon

W900i - Good Camera (2MP),Non-Programable OS,Almost Excellent MP3,ACC Player wif equaliser,Loud speakers

Nokia N91-Average Camera(2MP),Symbian OS9.1 FTP 1 Programable OS,Excellent Music Player Wif LOTS OF SETTINGS and 8-Band Equaliser
,also has loud speakers

  • realdragon

Buying this fone is better than buying W900i .
Why? I've been using SE W900i for 4 months now adn I'm getting bored of it's same old Menu and all.
The Nokia N91 has WLAN (Wi-Fi) ,so that u can connect wirelessly on a Router without having to pay for anything.But the camera of the Nokia N91 is just average.This fone also has the new Symbian OS9.1 FTP 1 OS and u can change settings in the music player of the fone , but stereo widening on the fone is a gimmick , it'll only make the quality of the sound better . The loudspeaker is louder then the Nokia N70 and has very clear bass sound and the sound thru the earpiece/headphones are excellent. for more reviews on the Nokia N91

  • realdragon

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