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Nokia N91

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  • jo

ok dude now i believe you.
DRM software ( Microsoft )
thats the real reason for the delay. microsoft people are JUST ANNOYING. so they want their DRM WELL PROTECTED and nokia is having a hardtime and breaking their backs adding the WMA support specially de DRM type. the phone is working in fullset already i saw on a exbition a while back. not bugs were seen,no restarts, the screens LOOKS AWESOME the color rendering and so on. even its only 178 * 208 resolution. its not heavy i compare it with my ipod mini 6gb they were about the same. its set for march, i asked a nokia representative.

  • Anonymous

i have got an n91 and my opinion is that the phone is a killer!!its hot

it cost me 700$

  • craig carter

I am loking for this phone. If anyone now link me up.

Nokia n91 cell phone

  • lionheart

well all u guys must be waiting for this phone to come out if u want to know when its gonna come out just watch ur tv sets cause nokia always advertise their phones on tv just before they come out ....well in south africa at least.

  • D-Tox

no it isnt out he is a lie

its not out anywhere i just check it...

you ppl in Delhi india.... i saw the N91 advertised on a big paper

South Ex part 2 there is a Nokia showroom look on the Side u will c the N series

N70 1 side
N90 other side

and just NEW up today N91 other side...

i think its coming 2nd march in india

  • Anonymous

I agree that this might be better than an I pod, BUT... what about the battery. I mean who cares how well it functions if you can only use it for 4 hours!!! I just bought the Creative Zen VIsion M and thats is what I consider the ipod killer!

  • Lithuania

I will buy that fone

  • ozkanlol

where u from robe? is N91 on the store?

  • robe

i have got N91 2 days ago and now i hate it so has many problems so i have to come to Nokia store to take care it.its cost me many times.damn it.its not good so everyones have to be carefull

  • I$L4M

gr8 fone looks good
n kevin ur not getin it b4 me

  • linkmasterbob

this fone rocks man - yeah baby
i gotta get me this mean ass piece of kit!!

  • DD

is it not possible to have gps on this phone?

  • D-Tox

N91 may come in 2nd march
if not then it will come 12th march - 18th march dont worry

reason dfor delay

DRM software ( Microsoft )

phone should be out 2nd march otherwise 12 th - 18 th its almost here just wait

  • D-Tox

1st its not plastic its Stainless Steel :P

and its shiny :)

i got the N90 for 6 months now so itsw boring its buggy im sick of it so ill get the N91

this phone MAYB coming out on the 2nd march but 100% it iwll b out before 18th march

diffrent countrys diffrent launch dates

2nd march taiwan and others
14th march India
16 th march some places in europe

it will b out

i think its coming on 2nd in most countrys otherwise it will b in 12th - 18th week

the reason for delay was due to DRM ( Microsoft Software ) kept on crashing

ha ha ha well well well microsoft ...

so that is why people are saying IPOD killer

Ipod is APPLE and N91 is Microsoft / nokia

camara isnt too good
on it

  • queen_paranoia

o0ops! sori the message is not for D-tox!

its for atlantis! hehehe my bad!

i dont care wat u guys think but im so0o getting this fone..

  • queen_paranoia

well im happy for the fact that i dont have to wait another more year... to get this thing! geezzz...

my bday is comin! 03/18! and i want this phone for my bday..

i have a mini ipod and the 6020.. and im kinda getting sick and tired of carrying 2things in my pocket! hahaha lol

why u waiting for this phone to be released in philippine?! hahaha u know wat me too! coz im planin to get the phone there!

holluh -queen_paranoia

  • mike

so this "d-tox" person makes a fair point : the phone's specs are better than those of the ipod but he must have forgotten one tiny detail : the phone is darn ugly !!!!
fine so its basically a glorified ipod but how can you really compare this "thing" to a mobile ?!?
i wouldn't be seen dead with that block of plastic!

  • D-Tox

yes it is an Ipod killer ( well the NANO and the MINI yes )

4GB ( same as NANO )
COLOR display bigger screen


and its got a 2 MP camara can the Ipod do tht....

sound on the N91 is as good as my nano mayb not as good but close enough anyway since ipod is only into MP3 players and nokia is phones....

  • akie constantinou

I like the style of the phone but the features could be better i.e.The phone could have gps software for down loadable mapping

  • lethal n

nokia says its an ipod killer but is it worth buying for the fact that it has a massive memory and it looks bulky too.