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Nokia N91

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  • Anonymous

are you really questioning that people will use the 4gb hdd? Thats like saying no one fills up an ipod mini. I know people that have the 60gb ipod and its almost full. If anything, the memory is a little low, but they'll fix by next summer on new models, I'd expect.

  • naz

Yo, lets get it straight. W800i is more of a stylish fone aimd at younger guyz lik myself. I got w800 myself as well but u jus cant compare a lil fone wit the N91. N91 is smartfone; more advanced features. Why shud N91 hav memory slots, u not gonna lik carry all data from ur pc are ya?. Isnt 4GB enough - my PC has only 4 times the memory and is way more than enough. if u want more memory, consider getting a laptop. N91 is a gr8 fone and i recommended it to my brother

  • majida eshi

Since this is a Smartphone, can it take Satlite navigation software and used while driving as a map or Satnav

  • majida eshi

who has actually used this phone? realy? with nokia there are always a lot of unpractical features. With SE you can use the best feature. Who will actually use the 4gb on this phone.

  • majida

Guys stop agueing. N91 has not even been released yet, I hear they are having problems with software with this phone. And until you own one, please dont tell us how good it is... I suppose both W800 & N91 have their better qualities

  • Migas

Great phone, it will cost between 650 and 750. Cheers

  • insourcer

according to nokia distributors the intial price of N91 will be $1300-1400...OUTRAGEOUS

  • Bogus

guys, w900 is a good phone, but u cannot compare it to n91. n91 is the new frankestein of the mobile world. i think it has ALL the features a phone needs, except touch screen :). + when u first compare a phone with another at least make sure they both run/don't run an operating system. all u mobile experts should know what that means, but by reading ur posts it is obvious u don't have any clue about it, otherwise u wouldn't start saying this is better than the other, they target totally different clientele ;)...

  • Bronislav

The N91 has WLAN, Symbian OS, EDGE, 4GB memory, W900 has none of those functions. W900 is lighter because its made of cheap plastic, N91 is a quality steel phone.

  • stiflla

ahh dude u said it the w900 has sound quality the best other than an ipod... ipods have sucky sound quality and 100s of mp3 players, etc outdo them the only reason ipods r good r as fasion statement

  • Aparadectos

compare with W900?
the W900 has:
-2xtimes its screen resolution,
frame rate,
wider and clearer display,
-w900 has smaller dimensions+weight,
-w900 has slightly better camera,
-w900 may use 2or4gb memory cards giving u the ability to carry all ur music with u,
-w900 has double battery efficiency
and music only mode(30h+of music play and u can use in the airplane as u can close it as mobile and still use it as player only)
-W900 has the best sound quality a mobile may have(after ipods)
-W900 has half the price of N91(based on rumours)

and many many other small details,
but i what i mentioned already are functions everybody will benefit in everyday use and these are the supposed superiority of N91,
the reason that might someone may buy it.

Be fair...

  • Richo

Looks real nice, but will it support IMAP4?

  • Anonymous

This is a good phone but still not worth twice as much as a w800...

  • jayjay00agent

Stop your whining about how expensive this phone is going to be and comparing it to the SE. This phone isn't even in the same class as the 800. They both play music and have a 2 megapixel camera n that's about it besides they're both phones. The 91 had much better operating system (Symbian 9.1) has a full webrowser, edge, supports UMTS, wifi, way more organization features and yes a huge 4 gig harddrive. You can get that in duo cards but that's going to cost at least 400 dollars for 4 gigs of memory. This is an elite phone and you don't get the best without paying for it. So don't knock the phone just because your mad you cannot afford. I can't but I can appreciate it for what it is... an amazing device that has some incredible features.

  • Anonymous

This is a GODLY phone!! Dont even mention ur crap SE phones here.

  • bobby b

is this a 3g phone. it doesnt say in the specs but some users are saying it is

  • Myth

it`s one of my favorite mobiles......4GB mem.WOW.....i have an 6230i...but i really like this phone(N91)....
mayme i`ll buy one for critmas....but i don`t know how much i`ll have to pay for it...can you tell me....aprox..???plzzz

  • Focus

some ur guys saying dat w800 is better den n91 ur wrong..w800 is not even a 3g phne n doesnt have a wifi broadband connection but n91 does.eventho doesnt hav a card slot but 4gig is enuf already not u think?! luk at the package,its all der.its the best of the best.. :)

  • Just me

Nokia is the best handy ofthe hole world...No COMMENT...

  • John

Does this phone have speaker phone, can i play songs aloud and in good quality?