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  • N5700xm

Wtf?dual pr0cess0r?late disc0veries?

  • Anonymous

the hard drive is a fragile component of n91 but contrary to what most people know, it's very well protected inside the phone. you are more likely to damage your n91's exterior rather than hard drive when you abuse it. see how durable n91 is?
i've noticed something in the n91 specifications page. it says there that n91 has dual arm 9 processor running at 220mhz. the other older models don't have dual processor, just single arm 9. now, it's once clear how special n91 is among other phones.

  • mimi

yay! just upgraded my n91 4gb to version 2.20.08...

  • Anonymous

i have listen that it has a 4gb hard disk and it will demage if it strike slightly with any hard thing. plz ans my qus.

  • Anonymous

I can't even think what features N80 has. You're boasting its 3.2mp camera which is a shame, worst 3.2mp camera in a smartphone ever! It's lousy music player! How can even you think of comparing N80 to N91. They don't even come close! Duh!

  • Anonymous

N80 is a very boring phone.

  • Anonymous

N91 and N91 8Gb are better than N80.

  • Tsepz

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2008Ure comparing the overhyped N80 to the almighty N91? N80 is a jo... moreKeep dreaming. The N80 was very well feature packed and was a much better smartphone due its crisp high res display, great fixed focused 3MP camera, nice pocketable size and user friendliness.

  • Anonymous

Ure comparing the overhyped N80 to the almighty N91? N80 is a joke! It was just a plain smartphone, a jack of all trades, master of none! N91 is miles and miles better! Imagine Nokia without the N91! Not too many people realize how great N91 is. Because not everyone's senses are too keen. All in all, N91 is much better than N80!

  • Anonymous

n91 is a great phone! i love it! the sound via 3.5mm jack is fantastic! whether im listening through the headset or my n91 is hooked to my stereo component, sound is just so good! it makes you want to listen to music even if youre not a music lover. even a low quality mp3 file sounds good when played in n91. im just thinking why nokia doesnt put the audio quality of n91 to their latest phone models. i will buy a new phone sooner or later for other features but im keeping my n91 forever as my main music player. im just not enjoying listening to music in other mp3 players now that im used to the sonic experience of n91. i mean, you gotta hear it to believe it.

  • chocoajay

Hi everybody,

My n91 4gb suddenly stops showing sms notifications, sms directly goes to inbox.. no notification come on main screen.. i tried factory settings restore.. but did not work..
if someone know how to repair the same pls respond

  • Tsepz

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970It's users like you that make me glad i never bought the N91, that brick has made many of you crazy. The N91 was a great Music phone and THATS IT , it was not a good smartphone and it made texting and web browsing a nightmare. The N80 was an amazing allrounder and made much more sense to buy it OVER a N91.


Different man different openion.But fact is that the style of this phone is classic, although camera is good [it should best]but zoom is No.1 in the industry of mobile phone, one-touch key for music and the earphone music sound feature is the best features [ it seems to be a DJ ],'s not a phone but a ASSETS.

  • Anonymous

have this phone n91-5 for 2 years already. still on old 1.10 firmware. great sound via headset. good sound via home stereo component. very durable. very solid. good video quality. average image quality. bad speaker. fine keypad. worst battery life, hardly last 2 hours on music playback. boring screen. nice, unique, classy design. prone to fingerprints, smudges, scratches. fat, not so pocketable, no 3g. no wifi. overall experience, good at least for me! need to replace it cos it doesnt give all my needs in a mobile. i want a phone that has larger nicer screen, long lasting battery, loud stereo speakers, has 3g and wifi, better camera, and a lot more convenient to use and manipulate. either n78 n81 8gb or n82 would be my next mobile phone.

  • pavneet

yesasvi, 26 Jun 2008its very bad to say. irony is this is not supporting sis files. ... moreI have been using this phone for almost a yaer and a half..its a good phone on my personal liking...what i feel it lacks is a good evrything is fine.if u need something wd memory upto 8 gb..nd good music quality wd headset support..sound quality is better then that of an i-pod.Now its time to replace and i find N82 a perfect replacement.

  • Anonymous

One more thing, my biggest frustration is N91 8Gb. I love it. It's so classy and elegant. I never bought it until it became phased out already.

  • Anonymous

It's disappointing that Nokia hasn't replaced the N91 yet as its flagship music phone. It's been 3 years now. There isn't any music phone released by Nokia either in the Nseries or XpressMusic lineup that can surpass nor even equal N91's audio quality and sonic experience. N91 still has the best and loudest sound among all Nokia phones up to this moment. That's something that N91 has that new phone models lack, even those music phones announced to have been equipped with dedicated audio chip. I wonder what audio chip was installed in the likes of 5320xm, n78, n81 8gb and those phone still don't beat N91's sound quality. I'm glad I still have my 2 year-old N91. It will remain my main music device forever. I'm going to buy an all-in-one device this time, not a music phone anymore.

  • Dani

Worst Music Phone ever...N91

  • yesasvi

its very bad to say. irony is this is not supporting sis files. all the softwares are in sis format. its having too worst programming. we need better updation software for this phone. there is no options for supporting gallery and ringtones.

  • funkstha

i mean mem card and flash it is wifi ready im sorry. i still think this is not a good phone for its price