Nokia N93

Nokia N93

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  • Anonymous

In 2006 this phone was legendary. It still is. People are still going crazy over optical zoom on phones.

  • adonisuche

Where can I get this phone in Africa, I still wanna use one!

  • raghavadarling

I want Nokia N93

  • Anonymous

nokia n93 phone is very good perfomance,i using this phone 9year

  • Elvis

I love Nokia Smartphone. I just wanna to tell you guy. Dont care about whatsapp. We still have fb to use. Hotmail and gmail in the browser and still can read news. I support nokia. Just forget about whatsapp

  • gfm

Hassan Karim Fofanah, 29 Apr 2015I just got mine today, and it's like wow. Facebook, whatsap... morei try to download whatsapp with my nokia n93 it didn't what should i do to get whatsapp

  • jule

huhuhu T_T I broke mine last month.. Hope I can have this phone repair' sooo sad :(

  • zelo

sim is valid.
but not working properly

  • Hassan Karim Fofanah

I just got mine today, and it's like wow. Facebook, whatsapp, opera mini,... are all compatible with my Nokia N93-1. Go and get yours and you wouldn't regret having it.

  • scorpio

I still have this phone right now and still using it as well. Good phone and the most advanced smartphone in its time. The problem now is that some of the application like facebook and youtube is already not supported, I think, since I can't download videos or see photos on facebook.

  • shiva

i used to carry this phone around in 2007...very good phone and still looking forward to buy if i can get now.

  • Nei

This is the best nokia ever. Have had mine since 2008!its 7 years and stil goin strong with no issues . Fast internet, good sound..etc i love it

  • AnonD-207908

At the time of release I couldn't wait to get this phone. It really was a let down. Whilst the 3x optical zoom was a novel feature, it took forever before the phone was ready to take a picture, and forever again before it was ready to take the next picture. The device was really unreliable too. It went back to the shop three times, and on each occasion I was issued with a replacement. The N93 just loved switching itself off unannounced, often after typing a text message, hitting send would shut phone down and the message would be lost. Eventually, the chap at Vodafone told me to "loose it" as it was insured, and I was issued with an N95 8GB in black. A much better phone all round. The N93 however, was a big let down.

  • Muskan

I am also willing to buy it :P

  • insanityflyff

very g0od ph0ne ever fr0m n0kia. Father of n0kia p0n hehe. Im using dis p0n since 2011 .n0 prblem at all . . .

  • AnonD-167601

Bullet, 06 Aug 2013i want itI'm after it too

  • AnonD-167601

Bullet, 06 Aug 2013i want itI'm after it too

  • Bullet

gray, 11 Jun 2013I just want to ask why my N93 was only 52mb in ram? But i c... morei want it

  • sanjay kumar

nokia mobil n 93 it is very best handset and ........

  • a guy from Bali

tama, 03 May 2013finally...i got this N93,new but old-stock..silver-colored ... morewhere did you get it from dude?