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Nokia N93

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  • Moe.h

hey guys, was wondering, does this phone support DVB-H TV broadcast receiver like the N92?? can u please reply asap and which phone do u guys reccomend, this or the N92... thank you

  • ninja

i' d say go for either n91 or ll prolly take months b4 these newly announced phones will be available world wide...not taking into accouny of any possible delay....::(

im just curious is the mp4 video recorder for the n91 as good as the n70s?

  • MoE

WOW man this phone is amazing, 3.2 CARL ZEIS camera and its 4 DVD's WOW!! Nokia has done it again... Great job i love this phone it has WIFI and everything, Wonder when will it come... But im confused...Should i get it or the long expected N91???

  • James peterson

yeah my friend had it! i've seen it he works for nokia, this phone is really huge, state of the art man, this phone is targeted mainly for asian market.

  • Dreadnought

So, the Gsus phone has arrived..

  • fady

allllllll n series is gooood but i have perfomance:
n93=optical zoomx3
n70=faster one and onother things....
n71=nothing is profesonal
n72=only design
n73=3.2 megapixel-ir-bluetooth.....
n80=3 mega pixel-style
you will saw better than all after 6-9-4 months

  • D-Tox

but tht is amazing

  • Anonymous

Oh My God!! That is HUGE!!

  • syafiq_malaysian

this phone is really great but unfornutely it dosent support DVB-H....i like this design....i popose nokia to their future phone with this design and this specifications....but add a DVB-H, touchscreen and has a harddrive....

  • D-Tox

No its a Video Phone

they make 1 N series for U

not for 1 thing wid everything

N90 / N80 = Pics

N70 / N71 / N72 = has everything but cheap

N91 = Music

N73 = Music with its Speakers and Photo

N93 Video 30 FPS

  • adam79

won´t this device be able to recieve tv channels as n92?

  • siemenser

unfortuntlly gentle men
it dosent support DVB-H feature(TV)

  • D-Tox

This will be the best phone for about 6 - 8 months untill Nokia Launch more phones but in the year 2006 you will be seeing 3.2 Megapix and the N93 has Carl Zeisis and 30 FPS Video

In 2006 Nokia will expand the Memory on the phones from 2 GB to 4 GB

  • D-Tox

The Nokia N93 and Nokia N73, which are based on S60 3rd Edition software on Symbian OS, are expected to be available in July 2006.

  • fady

aim very sad because nokia is goood then beter now i bought n70-then isaw n80 and i want n80-now i bought n80 and now i saw n73-then alike it-then there is n93 i am veeeery sad please nokia i want anew mobile after 2 years

  • D-Tox

As I said Tuesday

here are the 3 New N series

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