Nokia N95 8GB starts shipping

15 Oct, 2007

It wasn't long ago that Nokia finally confirmed the news that the multimedia flagship Nokia N95 was to receive a pumped up version featuring 8GB of integrated memory and a number of other new features. Now the new version is closer to us all as it's finally getting shipped to stores worldwide.

The Nokia N95 8GB Edition comes dressed in black and has undergone several changes. The main one of course is the thrilling memory capacity of 8GB. It is technically 8.1GB as there are also 100MB of system memory for messages, ringing tones etc. The screen has also grown up from the 2.6" of the original to 2.8" in the new edition. The display still supports QVGA resolution and visualizes up to 16M colors. Nokia N95 8GB is powered by 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery as opposed to the rather modest 950 mAh in the original Nokia N95 - hopefully the new battery will be able to deal better with the phone's energy needs. The weak battery was probably the most criticized feature of the original N95 model. The higher capacity battery on the other side has resulted in removing the lens cover. Finally, another significant change in the smartphone's hardware has been made - the RAM is now double the size of the original to improve user experience with the browser or with multiple applications running in the background. Nokia N95 8GB's expected retail price is EUR 560 before taxes.


Reader comments

  • Adrian68
  • 23 Oct 2007
  • M%j

Well I have had a phonecall from my local Vodafone store who advised that they have 3 instock. It's "free" on a £50pm 12month tariff, but £150 on a £35pm tariff!!!. There is no way I am paying that much for it, just because they have put a larger cap...

  • tom
  • 23 Oct 2007
  • n1f

lol @ Rajiv Joshi!!!!!!!!!! let me guess you want nokia to get these hand deliovered by playboy bunnies and PAY YOU £999,999,999 to own one of them too!!! what you ask for is not technically possible yet in the comercial sector and even ...

  • Rajiv Joshi
  • 22 Oct 2007
  • PAX

The Nokia Company should apply the following upgrades to their N95 8 GB model: -> External Casing made up of Carbon Fibre; Heavy Improvement in Slider Quality -> CPU Speed: Above 500 MHz; Internal Memory increased to 16GB ->TouchScreen...

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