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Nokia N96

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  • Mohamed AbdElnaser

Can any body tell me what to choose between these three mobile phones?
Nokia N96 - Apple iPhone 3G - HTC Touch HD
I know that Nokia N96 specification is more than iphone, but iphone is running OSX which far more powerful than symbian in which N96 is running on (in my opinion)and also I'm afraid of that rumors that says N96 is very slow and hanging.
and i donot know any thing about HTC Touch HD so any help on that will be appreciated....

  • Anonymous

n96 is good.

  • Anonymous

I want a brand new Nokia N96 Mariah Carey Edition with all the albums, songs, wallpapers and music videos of the best-selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey preloaded onto N96. Why would Nokia have to come up with a Bruce Lee edition N96? An N96 Mariah Carey Edition would be the best.

  • Anonymous

dont lle sound quality of nokia n96 is the best in market thanks 24 bits audiochip like in nokia n91
but dont update firmwear of phone
and buy realy good headphones

  • Dani

I was going to get the N95 8GB and theres no point now N96 has come haha!

And the day i saw the N95 8GB for the first time The next day N96 is released haha!!!!!


I now want a Touchscreen Phone, but i still salute N95 and(N95 8GB) also N96.

But still TOUCHSCREEN yoooooooooo!

  • Kenzo

claire, 26 Nov 2008I do not ustand,,, I have checked several reviews abt n96 and so... moreim geting meter wat mobile review sites say....hers a true and Honest review of the N96­wyD127806151&forum=s60&id=1022469&tt=24
Trust me if u milk all the info u get from this link u wont go wrong....N96 is a great phone especialy when u'v neva owned a N95 me...

  • 903

i have got to get my hands on the bruce lee edition anyone now if theres any uk sellers importing it or selling it i know i could probly import one myself but im rubbish at doing things like that lol

  • steel

i have an n96 and find the battery life is not that great when using internet and playing games is there another compatible battery i could buy that would last longer? ..........................

  • night

i think it is bad mobiles phone
firest of all the sound to low don't like n81 or n95
how ever
second nokia always when try to make new phone with new optons like this phone 16Gb and can use external memory up to 8Gb it face big pronlem in new models as usual
if u need a good cell phone has agood options u can us sonyericsson x1 i didn't seen before like this mobile and this options

  • SAki

i lvoe ittt

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2008this phone is OK, not slow, not hanging, no memory full/slow dow... morethks so much,,, I decided to but it now :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2008come on nokia!what`s wrong with you!? you can do much much bette... morethis thing is so is a copycat phone,, even more than had no idea to make this one.i like nokia,but i am very dissapointed to see this one.n96 3d gaming performance is worse than dont ruin your name with this useless thing..please where are your brilliant ideas nokia?

  • Anonymous

come on nokia!what`s wrong with you!? you can do much much better than this one.n95 8gb is better than this and innov8 with its 8 mpix is a lot better than this..this thing just only has 5mpix and unimpressive SLOW 264mhz processor. come on nokia, wake up!!!!!

  • Anonymous

N96 is bad man.slow,ugly.battery is ok.i wan2 get the n85.its much b8r lookin.hope the oled is realy gr8.guys,dnt get n96.make it a big flop.if it is a flop nokia wont make such mistakes again.there is going to b an upgrade 2 n85.thats the next flagship.dont buy the older n95 8gb instead.plz.i am a nokia fan,btw.

  • Anonymous

claire, 26 Nov 2008I do not ustand,,, I have checked several reviews abt n96 and so... morethis phone is OK, not slow, not hanging, no memory full/slow down problems, battery keeps in heavy use a little longer as 1 day. I am happy with it and be honest I use it very intensive. more about I can not tell. to me this phone is OK

  • claire

I do not ustand,,, I have checked several reviews abt n96 and some of them says battery life is better than n95gb and software is faster but some of says opposite these. Is there anybody here who have been using this phone a bit long time to give us candid reviews abt n96?
I dont wanna believe Nokia make a mistake such as present worse mobile than befores. This phone has dual cpu with 264 mhz with 128 mb ram and it cant be slower then n95 or n95 8gb. It has also fp2 which doesnt let bettery going down eaisly so how can the battery fife be worse than n95. Any comment ???

  • d[-_-]b Telstra Rep.

You'd think being Nokia, one of the most reputed mobile companies in the world would produce a sleek, stylish and powerful replacement for the N95 with the N96.

Sadly it isn't the case...

Ugly phone. Rigid slide. Slower processor. Same camera.

Frankly the only decent thing this phone has got going for it is the fact it has 16G of inbuilt memory in it. And even then its not that impressive by todays standards.

I personally won't sell them when they come into stock, as I wouldn't wish one of these onto my worst enemy.


its an amazing phn its very nice

  • mino

overall its a good phone but has certain drawbacks. as compared to its adversary the n95 the 96 is much slower, mainly due to its heavy memory capacity, also due to this sometimes the phone becomes too slow thus forcing the user to restart it.

all in all i still would prefer the 95 as not much is done in this one

  • jake

wat is tom talkin bout? i don't get it wat the wat is this, wat is he goin on about? why? but why? why r y complainin?