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Nokia N96

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  • Anonymous

lets see...compared to n95 8gb: worse battery, no infraport, worse camera, smaller screen size and a bigger price tag! the only thing you get is a useless tv receiver! I know what I'd rather get.....

  • Anonymous

its just a big rip off it looks exactly like the N81 but wider with a dual slide and 5 mp camera its a big scam and a big rip off

  • Anonymous

Easy to use?

Why do some N-series phones have things under "Office", others have the same thing under "Tools" and still others under "Applications"?

1100 may be easy to use, n-series isn't, and what's with all that crap that covers your wallpaper, what's the point of putting a picture there if it's going to be obscured by shortcuts?

By the way the Samsung innov8 uses exactly the same operating system, which means it works exactly the same.

  • Sonari

I don't like the N96 at all , it's verry slow , the accelerometer works not good at all, bad battery .. i think they didn't improve the phone , but make it worse!! I'm user of the Nokia N95 8gb , don't like it eeder, just crappy phone's in my upinion , i work in a phone shop en sony ericsson make's phone's that are from a much better quality and the disign of the N96 is really crappy.

Sorry but this is a bummer

  • Rohit Deshpande

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970m a samsung fan.. i hv used many nokia handset in d past bt none of thm provided me full fledge n quality features like samsung revolutionary celphons.. i dnt undrstnd y u guys r stil sticking wth nokia plastic cover advertised as celphns.. lolz..

  • Iman Al-Ali

Nokia is far easier to use than the SE. Honestly, if you have owned either phones you'll understand especially when your checking missed calls and so forth.

However, some designs of the SE are not bad either. The functionality will be better in some areas as oppossed to the Nokia.

Moreover, taking about the Nokia N96. I believe it is an amazing upgrade to the N95 8GB Black.

Strictly speaking I myself and the fellow majority population of the world do agree that the Nokia is the most easiest to use.

But to some amusement I would'nt be suprised if SE or LG take over soon. But at the momment Nokia is my prefered choice.

  • Bakekang

There are more people commenting on this page than actually buying it. It's what u call "overhype." I think if there is one mobile phone that deserves the hype, that has to be INNOV8, since you will get only the best when u get INNOV8. And for some people here, stop comparing INNOV8 with N96. INNOV8 is 2 steps forward while N96 is 3 steps backwards. I hope u get what I mean.

  • jj

Buy it now......Listen to me.......BUY IT NOW......Its wonderful,great,amazing


  • LEE-JC

Sony ericsson and nokia have many things in common that makes nokia fans hate SE and also SE fans hate NOKIA lyk if NOKIA anounce a high end phone SE-fans panic and also NOKIA'S because they both know that
they can't beat each other any time SE+NKiA=100%

  • Miveo

This is the best phone in the world

  • iolo003

im backc",
i miss dis page, been busy lately..

and samsung attention deficit fanboys are back again..

i dont blame them thou, there are only few people who visit samsung pages so their bashing in here, a desperate move..

i love their envious and childish notion, losers attitude

  • 51

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Hey DAWG, you got Nokia gumboots too, they better than Nike:-

What is known today as Nokia was established in 1865 as a wood-pulp mill by Fredrik Idestam on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids in the town of Tampere, in south-western Finland. The company was later relocated to the town of Nokia by the Nokianvirta river, which had better resources for hydropower production. That is where the company got the name that it still uses today. The name Nokia originated from the river which flowed through the town. The river itself, Nokianvirta, was named after the old Finnish word originally meaning a dark, furry animal that was locally known as the nokia, or sable, or later pine marten.

Finnish Rubber Works established its factories in the beginning of 20th century nearby and began using Nokia as its brand. Shwere merged to form Nokia Corporation in 1967.

The new company was involved in many sectors, producing at one time or another paper products, bicycle and car tires, footwear (including Wellington boots), personal computers, communications cables, televisions, electricity generation machinery, capacitors, aluminium, etc.

  • 50

samsung fones r the most useless fones i have ever senn.. nokia iz the best!!

  • winners rule

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970totally agree with u NOKIA RULES.. Samsung only like to crap all the time..

  • Rohit Deshpande

Kenzo, 24 Oct 2008Lmaol....its funny that all the qualities u'v claimed that samsu... moreohh.. interestin facts regardin a crap.. y dnt u go fr samsung innov8 n M8800 Pixon thn cmpare thm wth ur crap.. u need to tk sm credit to buy those outstandin samsung series as gud things cms wth heavy price tag bt total quality.. lolzzz..

  • Anonymous

best, better, bad, less good.... who cares all these reactions. This mobile is great, just handle it as you need to handle a Symbian phone.

  • dk

Thought will have surprise...
But i think even i7110 better than this.

  • Anonymous

samsung make awsome tv's
nokia make awsome phones

  • 50

Samsung fones r the most useless fones i've ever seen, they r no good quality!!! samsung iz just good for making washing machine's... nokia iz the best!!!

  • 50

Laith, 25 Oct 2008Hey, why is everyone is acting like a child about the "Nokia vs.... moreu might have stuff them u dawg do blame nokia for wat u did!!! dawg...