Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • hybrid

my n96 keeps on restarting when i want open any application. ho do i solve this?

  • Musheer

Its a very good phone and i love its memory capacity. its a good experince to use this phone .............

  • Shiao Khan

Great phone ever made by nokia.
Sound clarity and camera quality are astonishing,much better if your using a fine headphones like creative.
Latest firmware and overclocking really help alot.
Can also play 3d games lagless.
Fit for my daily use.

  • aru

how can i instal ngage.

  • aIZerk47

lOVe this phone! Especially it's camera capability!!

  • Anonymous

please guys can tell me How can I update this phone

  • AnonD-20658

i use it ... it's really slow and i hate it, it has a bad sound too and it's screen can break very fast, its screen has been broken 2 times since i bought it ,but in other things it's good.
and fall from me from the balcony but it still works ... even the network is better after the fall! :D

  • Shehroz

Does it supports skype facetime video calls over wifi or 3G?

  • kabyo bd

i used above 150 phones.i dnt use 1 phn more thn 2 n96 is being used 3 yrs.n i hv decided to use it till i can.its awesome.i changed my phn's battery.n now my phn keeps charge 2 days.i thnk music is better thn any other accept is best.speed is perfect after is the best from other one word it is the best phone i hv ever used.

  • kabyo

deco, 03 Aug 2011i'm trying to use the tv-out, some1 pls helpyou have to connect the cable with tv.n the tv mode hv to b changed to a/v mode.
Or go to settings/general/enhancement/TV out/TV system.thn u switch it to PAL.
If nt wrks change ur cable

  • jai

you tube works great in this handset till date

  • Buffet

Well im using this phone for over half a year. And true its has a poor speed. But once you update its firmware to latest, you can really know the difference. Updating is essential. Also you need some right application to make it faster. Try ramblow application. And battery extender for extra batt life span.

  • khai

satnam, 23 Aug 2011very slow phone and very costly and with arm9 it is rusty and fl... morei agree with u.. nokia n96 it's very slow n almost hang.. prices too expensive service is not much.

  • tedd

beth, 22 Aug 2011my bro gave me his N96 phone and i don't know how to fix it coz ... morego to setting>general>slide handling>keyguard activation>on if closing slid

  • satnam

very slow phone and very costly and with arm9 it is rusty and flex problem
My n95 8gb and n82 are better then this

  • Flame

This phone is d best

  • beth

my bro gave me his N96 phone and i don't know how to fix it coz the keypad can't locked if i slide it so it's always unlocked,i cant find from the setting how to set it. pls help.

  • arun

am used my cousins n96.its very slow then i instal kaspesky .but my phone cant speed.and finaly i serviece my phn in nokia care.but this time itis too smart

  • Mankind

It's simply the very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moin

why u r not giving update nokia n96