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Nokia N96

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  • Kiran Kumar

musicphone/n82, 30 Aug 2008ATTENTION!!! people who are hesitating to go for n96 just becau... moreThank You buddy,you have cleared the most valuable doubt

  • Kiran Kumar

I am very fond of mobiles,I change mobile for every 1 or 2 yrs.I think N 96 is a Very advanced model,the features are excellent and the design too.But I have one question that,how many stereo speakers do N 96 have ?Like N 73 it has 2 Stereo speakers.Please answer my question so that i can think about to purchase N 96. Thank You

  • Me

It's need infrared! And in the future, a touch screen!

  • Bronco

Smape has a comparison article between the N96 and N85. The N85 has a better picture quality, better camera quality and above all else, absolutely "rapes" the N96 when it comes to the benchmark test. For instance, on the 3D Transform test, the N85 scored 1551, while the N96 scored 515. Thats pretty sad seeing as the N85 is quite a bit smaller than the N96.

Check it out for yourselves:­comp.html

  • lee

and by the way nokia confirmed n95 8gb has stronger battery than n96

  • lee

the only people who may consider getting this phone is people who have original n95 silver or people who want a n95.. And that is cos they will always have wanted black 8gb n95 or a original n95.. i work for one of the leading networks in the uk and we got to test n96 out last week and as i have got n95 8gb i can confirm to any other n95 8gb users it is no different or any better than n95 8gb.. n96 is not worth the silly amount of money u will need to pay to get this phone on a 18/24 month contract which is £249.99 on a £35 18mth contract with voda. Orange or t-mobile will only get this. phone free on £75 18 month contracts i will stick to the same n95 8gb

  • Anonymous

Looks like itís for the U.S market. Nokia did this with the N95 and made improvements. so far I canít see what changes they have done.

  • Anonymous

This phone has been updated before launch this is the new N96-3

  • aluwani

im usin the n95 8g.instead of buyin n96,i wil settle for the iphone 3g.

  • fyz

nokia n96 is 2good but look same as nokia n81 aur n81 prise is low so i thnk n96 prise is 20000somthing no more

  • prabhjot singh

hi...acc. to me this phone is good.feauters of this is good.
in other hand iphone's screen calerity is is so good but this ph calerity is good but not that iphone.but when we saw all the featurs of this phone,,i m like it,,so i wanna purchase this phone not iphone
so thanks nokia u launche this beautiful handset

  • musicphone/n82

people who are hesitating to go for n96 just because of worry that its 950mah battery won't be enough to last longer, here's a thing for you to clear things up:
N96 is equipped with a new Nomadics STn8815 processor and the benefits of this processor are high sound quality, better video processing algorithm and low power consumption. so you need not worry about N96 having only 950mah of battery capacity. its new processor is better than the TIOMAP processor of n95 & n82 in many accounts especially in minimal power consumption. N96's battery life can last even longer than N95 & N82.

  • iolo003

unfortunately, N85 will be my upgrade from N82 because its the only best featured phone I can afford. N96 will only remain a dream phone..

  • iolo003

people, dont believe on negative opinions being cited on this page because their just speculations.

this is a great all-in-one phone from nokia, with the most usable feature and value compared to the the exagerated 8MP of innov8, c905 or LG (believe me, you will regret paying for 8MP that you really dont use regularly) besides Carl Zeiss 5MP produce spectacular images already.

this phone will be cheaper than innov8 or c905 and it will be a best valued high end phone for the matter.

all-in-one value device, sweet!!

  • Richu

I got nokia N96 phone @ Rs-37475 if any one want go to Nokia Showroom (india)

  • Aditya Singhvi

I have on my blog,, put a small list of what the phone should have had... have a look and post your views ...


this phone is the present best tech fone u can get. never listen to people who always blame everything.

nokia n96. everything joins up.

  • Kenzo

The N96 looks better than the N85

  • Kenzo

I like this pnoe....i jst wish the bettery is interchaingable with another soon as i gt Giting The Nokia Stereo Bluetooth Headsets BH 604 Dj styl..........

  • Rob

On the market there is NOKIA and everything else