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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Aug 20088mp is a waste feature? do you think that mobile photography wil... moreits not turning back from the future, its more of making new innovations for regular, normal people rather than increasing MP that regular and normal people dont need.

how can you be so narrow minded, im talking about new features in phone, 8MP is not innovation..

Even guides in buying camera tells you that 3.2 MP is enough to produce regular size picture, additional MP will only allow you to blow up pictures thus allowing you to print it in bigger sizes? do you need that feature in your daily life, are you working in photography business that you have to blow up pictures to poster sizes? if not then your a weird guy c",

ur wasting ur time arguing about a feature you dont even know what its capable of.

better talk about new innovations, and dont give me arguments that ur not knowledgeble with.. read okay c",

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 19708mp is a waste feature? do you think that mobile photography will stop there at what you currently need, 5mp? even vga @ 30fps video we thought can't get any better, has the mobile manufacturers planning of introducing HD (high definition) video! technology does not stop there at what you have, know and need right now. it's constantly, developing,improving and evolving. and it's not you who dictates which you will need. it's the people behind these technologies who dictate what we will need. in the advent of first camera phone, the 7650, most people were filled with awe over that phone since that brought cutting edge technology during that time. did we ever think that a 5mp camera phone would ever come to exist 6 years since then? no, of course! when new technology arrives, cast your bitterness out and just embrace it! i'm telling you, 8mp is only just the beginning. a little more time and new technologies like HD video, projectors in a phone will also be spawning! open your mind and embrace the future! otherwise, turn back time if you like! bleh! :-p

  • Kenzo

Kenzo, 04 Aug 2008Hay guys i realy think its a gud idea 2 hav *mpx on phone bt i d... idea .....
7.2MPx 4x(optical zoom)
High deff recording @120fps
VGA res. Display!!!!

  • Kenzo

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2008Nokia can't wait to dispatch N96. They want to sell it as soon a... moreHay guys i realy think its a gud idea 2 hav *mpx on phone bt i dnt think its of importance....wat i want is an oppticall zoom and hi-deff recording........

  • Anonymous

Nokia can't wait to dispatch N96. They want to sell it as soon as possible so they can start with an 8mp camera phone next. I can now foresee the scenario. N96 buyers will end up regretting this phone because 2 months after N96 release, a new Nokia 8mp flagship camera phone will be launched, to stay on track with the competition. Because even Nokia knows that the new trend nowadays is 8mp. And those people who don't want an 8mp camera in a phone are hypocrites. In fact, all of us, if possible, even want everything in one single device. If we could only fit in a microwave oven, refrigerator in our phone, why not? You know what i mean huh?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970So you don't need an 8mp huh? And when Nokia finally releases an 8mp camera phone, you'll be the very first to brag about, nokia fan boy!

  • hurt it

to all n96 fans well done for backing up i think the only reason the samsung fans are bragging about there 8 megapixel camera is because they know they wont able to afford the n96 when it comes out!so cheers and goodbye samsung!

  • Kenzo

Dan, 03 Aug 2008The reason people said wow to the n95 is because it was o ne of ... moreI agree they do and ur sprospectus is i realy need an opticall zoom .......on my phone...
i was thinking of goin 2 get the N95 8GB this wensday....yet N96 is coming out in a month....?
Hellp.....i knw the specs jst need advise...

  • Dan

snah, 03 Aug 2008hey winura...y not buying an mp3 player,a digital camera and a 3... moreThe reason people said wow to the n95 is because it was o ne of the first phones to enter the megapixel realm of the digital camera. It closed the megapixel barrier between mobile phones and digital cameras. Most people actually buy 5mp cameras as compared to other megapixel counts. By the way, since the barrier is now broken, many websites are actually questioning the need for more megapixels in a phone.
Another reason the n95 was so loved was because it came with a combination of so many things at the time such as gps, vga recording at 30 fps, dual slide design, etc. The n96 and INNOV8 dont exactly bring anything new. They just improve on stuff like adding memory, increasing the megapixels, etc.

  • Dan

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008are u nuts or something my friend n78 have Battery life BL-6F ... moreJust go to and check the review of the 6210 navigator. The 6210 and n96 share the same battery. There is a section that says the n78 battery fits perfectly into the 6210 (funny enough, the battery cover fits in as well).
Since the n78 and 6210 are available, maybe someone should try and confirm this if he/she gets the opportunity. Thanks.

  • snah

Winura, 03 Aug 2008The thing is the competitors who have sprung out from nowhere is... morehey winura...y not buying an mp3 player,a digital camera and a 3310 phone...Tht will b great nah...stop talking non sense...Nokia will definitely fall behind...when nokia releases n95, everybody said "wow...5mp camera"...n now there's 8mp camera phone on ze market, nobody likes it...stop being a stupid nokia fan...BUY QUALITY PHONE NOT THE BRAND NAME...

  • Anonymous

nokia making new phones & some quality phones are vry expensive however we are buyng it & we gettin poor.but nokia will be very rich.

becoz day by day comes new phones.its like a circle of life.

  • Anonymous

main features in n96 other nokia phones doesnt hav

internel memory up2 16gb external memory up2 8gb
dual flash
front vga camera (640*480 pixels)
mobile tv

its so higher in price so i decide 2 get a new cdma phone he he he lol!

  • Anonymous

n96, 03 Aug 2008good news that n78 battery can be used in n96 fone great initare u nuts or something my friend n78 have Battery life BL-6F

n96 have BL-5F same as n95 battery

so they different how can n78 battery fix 2 n96

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008nokia supporters you should not worry about megapixel war becau... moreyou're talking of 8mp as a needless necessity. now you're talking of wimax which no location in the world has practical use! you know you're not bias huh! and to the one who asks who would want a 8mp in a phone...the question is "who wouldn't want an 8mp in a phone?"

  • Andy Burgin

Just hope the 8 mega-pixel camera mobile is not the same size as the N93 an hope its a slimmer than the Black 8gb N95 i have, as you want a mobile nowdays to fit easily in to any pocket you have an not Bulking out to much,so please Nokia do not us down please an make the new mobile to Big an heavy

  • Anonymous

nokia supporters
you should not worry about megapixel war because the truth is, we don't need this extra pixel in our regular mobile life.

i would rather want nokia to introduce new features in mobile phones which they always do rather than throw a waste additional MP.. for starters, WIMAX, dual processor, removable screen and keypad (aeon concept) among others

  • The_Nootz

To all those worried about Nokia not taking action against Samsung/SE "attacks" with their 8 mpx cameraphones.

First things first. Nokia never falls behind. It never has. Nokia's current "situation" asks their fans for patience until the market leader finally strikes back.

Secondly, do you really think Nokia is just standing by, watching Samsung show off with their newest all-in-one device? If I remember, in December 2007, long before SE even thought of trowing 8mpx CMOS sensor into a mobile phone, GSMArena wrote a short article about a Nokia project to include a high-resolution camera.

To see the article, click here:­e_megapixels-news-375.php

This is just to show you that Nokia has had the idea of a higher resolution camera for a long time.

And remember when LG launched that first awkward 5 megapixel cameraphone? Maybe not. But I guess you do remember when the mind-blowing N95 was announced two weeks later. No comments here. If the current situation won't be exactly the same as then, one thing is certain. Nokia won't fall behind.

  • n96

good news that n78 battery can be used in n96 fone great init

  • [rakhar

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008if you had 800 euros and if you were to choose which of nokia n9... moreits best mob in the world guy