Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • Why

Copy of N81 with 16gb rest shaky slide mechanism.Only shape exterior change does not matter inside N95 process same here ad there changes even latest N95 up 21 has most of them.

  • nokia fan

i hate to say this but se models are far more better and more sophisticated... just wait for se newest models!!! it will be released soon!!!
a cyber-shot with a 7.2 megapixels camera.... wow!!! isn't it great??!!

  • Kapil



I think this fone is crap.
Its the same as a nokia n82 only wif less memory and crap software.

  • rick

will i need a tv licence?? LOL

  • Anonymous

should have had a better design.
nokia trying so hard to beat iphone.
now they're developing the nokia tube.

  • Andy Burgin

Nokia is releasing the N85 soon so the N96 might not be bulk stock from Nokia,so it should be released now not August,i hate that you buy one Nokia phone then another one on the way so will search now for the N85 features to see if it beats the N96 easily

  • Rumi

The Launching date is Set to 16th June in Singapore !!!

  • T.

how bout we go to nokia website and post a forum about the battery life improvement..? btw the touch screen is coming..and with a 7.2 megapixel on it...its gona be sweeeeeeeeetttt! eat ur heart out SE,Samsung and LG!

  • me

So, no Wi-Fi???

  • dean jackson

i gunna have loads of these like i did the arte!!!

  • Anonymous

SE will never be able to make anything like this.

  • Milad

my love N96
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saushan

hey n96 i love ummmmwwwwaaaaahhhh i love u very very much urs loving saushan

  • shaine

Is it better than N95 ?

  • cathy


  • Andy Burgin

I have seen the CNet N96 an it looks very good indeed but the camera an the memory are not as same as the original N96,so keep a look out on what your buying as there are loads of fake electrical an mobile items on the internet now,but i can"t wait to get the N96 as soon as i can as August is along time to wait

  • Anonymous

no vga screen = no good

  • Anonymous

We hope the future All-in-one flagship Nseries N98 or N99 will be S60 Touch screen with a superb camera

  • Sam-Sam

I love the design of this phone and features of this handset are very impressive.

Just to be very picky, I'm dissapointed that there is no touchscreen.

Nokia needs to get with the times now. Samsung and SE have already developed phones with touchscreen, and (I think) Nokia has yet to produce a touchscreen handset.

Had this been a touchscreen handset and release at the same time as the iPhone, the N96 would've been serious competition against the iPhone.