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Nokia N96

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ITs a nice Phone..u will fall in love with the features and the style of this phone .and camera is owsome
ne way its a very chutia phone u will find ever

  • Cioraga

Omg i found the japoneze version in romania coool very fast touch screen 467 mhz processor 256 mb sdram , 16g memory % 4 gb card included with 600 euro but the card is XD :(( It is a great fhone i love it !!!

  • sukhi

nokia n96 is nice. but question to the guy bellow me, there is a n96 with 64 gb memory?

  • Anonymous

Ha ha ha , I think he got it by burning the "paper model N96 -64" and use it afterlife...ha ha ha

  • Anonymous

Lance H, the N96 is only announced in feb and getting released in Q3 this year, so please explain to me how you got the 64gb which no one knows about.
unless you got a cheapo fake n96

  • nokia person


  • Anonymous

nokia is embracing the design

  • Farhan

@ khati: Which Accessories U want?
Standard Sales Package Contents

* Nokia N96
* Nokia Battery BL-5F
* Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101
* Nokia Video-Out Cable CA-75U
* Nokia Stereo Headset and Remote HS-45, AD-54
* Nokia Mobile Charger DC-4 (car charger)
* Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-5

@ Lance H: I think U again Need That Type of Answer?
We Know That U have Bought Nokia N96 64 Gb Which Is Available Only On Mars and For Aliens .
Congratz To GSM Arena ,
Gsm Arena Is Now Available On Mars Also
Proof Is Lance H

  • pt87

hey yeah this has got to be the phone with the craziest specs. i want one. hey lance h. if you ever come back, whered you get a 64gb model? im in australia and i'll robly have to get it from overeseas atm

  • khati

Set is to much costly as it has no accessories.......

  • Lance H

almost bought this phone in feb when it
camed out, but thank god i didn't! just
picked up my n96 64gb (n96-64) yesterday!!! its amazing. the pearl white colour is brilliant! 64gb memory, 256mb ram, 480x640 resolution; and arm 22664 mhz processor!!! luv it!

  • Lord Bish

I can't wait for this! I am now using the Nokia 6500 Slide. It has the best 3.2M camera. Just that it is an S40 Phone. So waiting for the N96 as my next Upgrade into the world of S60.

  • Steve J

More people dislike touch screen than like it. More people dislike WM OS than like it. Symbian outsells WM by many times. These are the facts! Certainly Nokia do NOT have to implement WM or touch screen.
The N82 which is selling very well, provides a possible direction for a future N9X. A simple monoblock design with outstanding features. For instance they could place a 2.8 inch VGA screen in the phone and make sure that the 5MP cam has a lens protector and Xenon flash. The obvious difference between that phone and the N82 would be the high res
2.8 inch screen. The N82 is a great phone but when viewing internet pages eg the news page of GSM Arena; one finds that even in landscape view and at 50% zoom level one cannot view the whole width of the page. This necessitates irritable scrolling. A 2.8 inch screen reduces the need to scroll and if it is VGA, everything becomes sharper.
Anyone who uses their N series to take many impromptu photos and videos will tell you that optical zoom is wonderful. Nevertheless if its inclusion greatly increase size and weight (as was seen with the N93), it will not be a mass seller.

  • Ranu

This phone is very nice. 16 gb internal memory, 5 mp camera, 8 gb micro sd support, big screen, good looking, dual slide. But this is not a complete phone. Touch screen & windows is missing.

  • Anonymous

When this comeup to market? I like this phone. I cannot wait anymore..Please comeup soon.. this month or next month..
Thanks for Nokia make very nice cell phone like this..

  • Anonymous

this phone and n95 8gb are the best phone in the market i can. but the only thing is missing is touch screen. nokia needs to look over that. if it was a touch screen ph it would be an awesome ph.

  • Nii

Cute phone, Good features

  • Bmuzammil


this is amazying ~!~

but I don't know which one is better in use.

Iphone or this one. both are good looking.

  • iGsm

its beautiful but doesn't different a lot from other mobiles,design:9 its specifications are awosome, features:10..but what about the battery?if you watch a movie and answer to a few calls you need a battery chargement! its huge internal memory will affect its speed on performing differrent tasks..also the operating system has got realy old, nothing different from 2 year nseries models performance:7

  • Anonymous

Its looks like N81
Where can i buy it?