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Nokia N96

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  • Anonymous

the maximum memory is 16GB..,­n96,demo

  • Dani

The Hype is eazing thanks to the Weak Battery!

why dont you people think about SE Phones!

youl just be soo much Happier

  • ManeRo

I have owned n95 for almost a year now, im happy.... i cant see many difrences between n95 & n96.. n96 has 16 GB ( But when n96 is in stores, u allmost can buy 16 gb microSD (8GB is avaible now) BIG minus in n96 is poor battery life.. i had this problen with many other N-series phones. I listen to music all day and play with it, snap pictures, use WLAN, omg... all those drain energy like hell.. SO IM HAPPY WITH N95.. there is not too much improvements to pay about ~ 300 extra..But if u wipe ur ass with money... GO FOR IT :D

  • dale

I posted before about trying to buy N96 now. Several people claim to have this phone for sale now but none of them are willing to give the information needed to check the originality of the phone. If you get the IMEA number Nokia will tell you if it is authentic or not. Secondly they have told me there is no such thing as an international warranty in the states. If you buy the phone here it is warrantied here but if you buy it from some place else they will not warranty it. And last of all non of these sellers are willing to let you pay with a credit card but only Western Union which leaves you with no recourse if you never see your phone or it is a Chinese rip off. BUYER BEWARE

  • Anonymous

I absolutely agree, the battery life is too weak. A 950mAh battery is only supposed to be with phones with small draining power like the 1 series or the 2 series.

  • Anonymous

Camera 5 MP, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus,
video(VGA 30fps), flash; secondary VGA videocall camera,
Built-in GPS receiver
A-GPS function
Symbian OS 9.3
microSD (TransFlash), up to 8GB
16 GB internal memory
128MB RAM, 256MB storage memory.
Are you want more????

  • Sherveen

I have a Nokia N95 and bought it shortly after it was released..true it had OS issues like freezing often, however was resolved when firmware was upgraded. I am pleased with the phone and look forwrd for the N96 to be released in time of my upgrade of my contract with Orange...sad to see that Nokia has not added anything much interesting after one year to the N96 than the Memory capacity and slight variant to the looks as well. I am used to the routine of charging my phone everyday and it is ok as I am used to it and also I have bought a spare BL-5F battery and dual charger and carry it with me if I am going to be away from power supply for a while. So it is convenient. so the features out-do the power consumption of the phone.If Nokia improved on power anyway would be much appreciated!

  • BarkinW

Smooth move Nokia. Did we not learn from the N95 that a 950mA battery would be useless in this phone?

How long before we have a new and improved version (a la N95 8GB) version with a new battery then? Not exactly subtle marketting technique...but it seems to work for them :-s

  • Anonymous

symbian runns more then one appp at the same time , uses more battery it s logic
activate msn mp3 player , make a video call in , you will have the phone on for 1.5 h

n82 has better battery and !!!1 16 gb lol it s all about memory cards not built in.

  • Wired Gorilla

The hand set looks v. Nice. I use the standard n95 to it max at the mo manily cos t-mobile give me free data.

The specs seem 2 cover most of the short falls on the n95 ie better web radio support and most importantly it has a large internal memory WITH a sd card reader. This i feel was the main short fall with the 8gb n95 and the n91. How many times did u want 2 transfer files 2 other devices but cudnt with out using a computer. Or incressingly view movies shiped on micro sd cards.

Its just a shame that there is no ir support, a lower spec secondery camera and a low battery life although i wud hope it uses the better power managment software as the 8gb n95. Plus i wonder how gud the reception will be 4 the digital tv?

  • undertaker

the nokia n95 is very very best and i like it bcoz i am a wrestler

  • Farhan

@ ricky: lol!
from where u got that Nokia N96 with 64 Gb internal memory?
see ur phone processor speed =)
and have u used ur PC Ram on it?
What about symbian ?
OS 0.1 or 0.2?lol!
share pics with us
i think u have own this phone:

guys do comments on my reply
i m right or wrong?

  • ricky

almost bought this phone in feb when it camed out, but thank god i didn't! just picked up my N96 64GB (N96-64) yesterday!!! its amazing. the pearl white colour is brilliant! 64GB memory, 256MB RAM, 480x640 resolution; and ARM 22664 MHz processor!!! luv it!

  • nvrsydie

yeah great features low on battery life, nokia should concentrate on making a more durable battery... it should catch up with the features in it.

  • monkey_roth

N96 and better than N95 that 16GB Phone memory.
i think it will be good for persons want video hight quality. because Nokia N96 can update to 32GB by 16GB(PM) plus 16GB(MC).

  • Aleem Ullah

Hello Nokia N96, It is very good but very bad is battery. Battery should increase upto 12h talk time and +400h standby. Example phone Sonyericsson G900
We all request to Nokia. Please Increase the talk time of all Nokia Mobile

  • Anonymous

With all those superb phone features, how do you think its weak battery will last? Most of Nokia's highs end phones have weak battery capacity.

  • Anonymous

I have made up my mind to buy this phone N96 but its does not have a touch screen,so I desided not to, nokia company! if you can come up with the same fixtures on this Nokia phone with a touch screen, it will sell out quick try your best.

  • felix

so large screen and resolution just 320*240 it's a joke!and every day freezing fone with no battery is vga video and gps but it is just stealing ideas from asian mobile market,do not say about cheap plastic material and foggy pictures taken from carl zeiss,no,nokia never again,better any pc phone such as asus and so on or some good phone from panasonic,sharp,SE japanese version ...

  • Farhan

@ Lance H: Do U have This Cell Phone?
From Where U Bought ? and how much u paid for it?