Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • Anonymous

I cant wait for this phone to come out it looks great!!

  • lee_089

its the almost the same as n95! the only thing that differs is n96 doesnt have infrared and n95 does. and for sure n96 is going to be so expensive. just get n95

  • Fred

This is the same crap as the N95... I think Nokia has lost it's creativity...

  • andy

Ive been a nokia coneseur for a number years as nokia arent just phones, their telecommunications devices for the elite.

Unill i bought this phone, i had it for 1 day and it froze up 4 times, and the only way i could unfreeze it, was to urinate on the keypad.

ive also noticed that the phone heats up for no apperent reason, i didnt think anything of it untill the phone exploded in my right hand front pockett, i lost a testicle.

i rang nokia and explained the loss of my testicle, all they offered me was an after market hadsfree.

Thanks NOKIA

  • Anonymous

i aways ask myself when nokia will stop to do stinky batteries ,cos i already ask nokia itself with no anwser at all

  • gangsta07

woah awesome upgrade 4m N95....but if it uses the same battery as N95 then no way i have enuf battery probs with it.

  • kostas_Greece

N95 8GB is far better

  • neranjan

it must have a touch screen.

  • Bryan

Uses the same type of battery (BL-5F) as with N95. That sucks...


Dear Nokia, well done! but Some minor changes I would like suggest include:
TFT touchscreen,
Non-Dual slide design
NFC functionality (Contactless Payment)
Support File Viewer: like .doc & .xls
Skype Application

  • terry

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  • Confused

16 Gigabytes of Internal Memory?!?! Oh My God!

  • firthous

simply superb.. i have ever seen like this..

  • Anonymous

samsung ask nokia:when you'll make a mobile with optical zoom,even with 5mp?? lg is preparing this year the first mobile with 8 mp camera,something like ku990's for sure

  • Mak Lampir

To Farhan.You were wrong!! N95 and N96 had 528Ghz Quadcore.N-Series(Nonsense-Series)always have the strongest and Quickest Processesors all time,there's no PDA Phone processors can defeat Nokia.

Nokia for Eternity!!!

  • Farhan

@ KARTIKEYA: dear N95 8Gb Has Two Processors of 332 Mhz and Nokia N96 Also Has The Same Two Processors of 332 Mhz

  • wither_exile

Is it wort waiting for Nokia N96 or The Nokia Tube(the touch screen one)???????????????????????????????????

  • tiger force

this phone is beautifull, but i think nokia should now jump to 7 or 8 mega pixels coz this is there 3rd phone with same 5 mega pixel camera.

  • Vlad

I had N93, N95, I was reading about N95 8gb because it did not have flashcard I did not buy it. I will buy N96. It is by futures the best phone now.

  • Bryan

UGH! this phone is so awesome but the battery life sucks DICK! change the battery nokia!