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  • Anonymous

why don't you release n96 right now??!!

  • Hien Nhuyen

if the talk time up to 6 hours it would be great...

  • looswe screws

ppl tell me is this phone a touch screen?
and after the 7710 wat other GOOD touch screen nokia intrduced to the market

  • virushan

yo ppl wht in thw world is nokia seaking into holy i had nokia most of N series and better to say am a fan of Nokia and its N series TRUSET ME this this the sicker phone ever which phone has the capable of 48gb max external micro sd included with 16gb featres a fabilus and buy the way Nokia had tote the leason to SAMSUNG G810 by releasing N96 COME ON ppl come up with a nice idea like nokia dont copy

NOKIA FAN..............

  • ashish

well this phone is definately worth waiting for.

  • Anonymous

and is the d-pad like the n80 with touch scrolling like the ipod?

  • Anonymous

and what kind of processor does it have? same as the n95??

  • Anonymous

nice... but the battery life is really low....

  • Int@rdude

looks like a nice mobile, but it doesn't do it for me. What we have here is basically a optimized n95 8gb, same old story. The question is, when are we going to see the S60-touch??

  • Gara

that talk time is pathetic! and its standby hours suck!

  • Moleman

The N96 looks like the one I've been waiting for, now because I live in New Zealand, I have to see how long it take to get a fully functional working N96 phones here, otherwise a great phone Nokia.

  • GM

I have the N95 8GB and i thought that nokia this would be it for nokia but they came out with another legend phone. This would be the biggest hit in the cell phones History. A++++++++. All pther companies out there,,,Don't even think about it.

  • ehsan

16 gb internal memory..
that is great if it has up speed

  • Rakib

very nice facts.Thanx for that detailed preview, cleared up a lot of confusion.

  • Tops

Can they do something about the BATTERY?

  • Andy Burgin

A Very Good review by Ying an totally agree with everything he as said about the N96 so people stop pulling the N96 until it is released an in your hands,every single person as there own reviews an opinions what they like an dislike of any mobile they buy,i will hope this review will now decide if the N96 will be there next mobile its definetly going to mine an can"t wait for the release date May or June

  • Ying

To everyone regarding the Nokia N96.

Still there are many ignorant to what Nokia has presented in the Nokia N96. I have posted many articles regarding the device's specifics and provided much detail on them. Maybe you all didn't read them due to the articles being scattered or just chose to ignore them. I'm going to combine all here in this final post about the device.

All arguments are welcome.

First and foremost, the Nokia N96 IS the upgrade of the incredible Nokia N95. More specifically the Nokia N95 8gb. The Nokia N95-1 major issues were confronted and solved by the Nokia N95 8gb. To many that was enough but to the true dedicated N-Series fan, it wasn't, and Nokia felt the same. Don't misunderstand. The Nokia N95-1 and 8gb version are both incredible, but (I truly believe a lot of people forgot this) Nokia is all about INNOVATION. Thus the Nokia N96. Sure. Nokia's N96 concept could of followed every other mobile phone company's approach and slapped in touch screen, xenon flash, etc, but would separate them from everyone else? Instead Nokia took the N95 8gb and improved it. Their main aim was OPTIMIZATION.

Concerning the comparison of the Apple Iphone and the Nokia N96 is utterly ridiculous. The two phones are total opposites: specs, O.S., functions, build, etc. This phone IS NOT in anyway way an "Iphone killer" or "the answer to Apple's Iphone" so please stop. Nokia has an answer to the Iphone and its followers (basically every phone with a touch screen now) called the S60 Touch UI. Nokia is mastering their tactile feedback touch screen which will completely change the user experience. Here's an article with a further details.­orld_2007_s60_touch_ui.htm

Here's a video.

Probably the most discussed hardware on the Nokia N96 is its flash. The Nokia N96 uses dual high-current LEDs, which GREATLY differ from the low end LEDs the N95 offered. "Why not xenon?" is the most asked question. Here's the article I introduced on that started the dispute xenon vs high-current LEDs. I suggest you all read it.­;jsessionid=HU5XOOYEV5DGMQSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN?pgn­o=1

LEDs with a super capacitor has many advantages over Xenon. The light energy generated by LED flash exceeds most xenon flashes. With super capacitor-based LED Flash comparable to xenon in light energy, other attributes of the super capacitor solution make this more attractive for use in mobile phones, most notably the thin form factor which enables a flash unit < 2mm thick. In other words, you get smaller phones in form due to the lack of space needed to accommodate the large electrolytic storage capacitor for xenon.

Pay close attention to this...In addition, unlike the electrolytic storage capacitor for xenon, the super capacitor can offload demands from the battery and handle all mobile-phone functions that need peak power - wireless voice and data, GPS readings, digital video, music and TV - improving talk time, battery life and audio quality. Translation. Your phone performs better while consuming much less energy from the battery.

In addition to all mentioned above, here's a video of the product manager of the Nokia N96 at Mobile World Congress showing a demo of the LED brightness. Notice he's also using the LEDs for video recording as well. Definitely a plus.

Speaking of batteries, the most concerning issue on the Nokia N96 is the small 950mah battery. Many have posted that Nokia is "going backwards" and "haven't learned" from their mistake. Let's analyze that.

But before I do, I'm going to correct this misconception of "BIGGER is BETTER" in batteries. The "mAh" rating is similar to "gallons of fuel" for an internal combustion engine. The rating is used to find the duration of a battery pack given a CERTAIN DRAW. Therefore, the EFFICIENCY of a battery is different at different discharge rates aka usages. When discharging at low rate, the battery's energy is delivered more efficiently than at higher discharge rates. Installing batteries with different mAh ratings WILL NOT AFFECT the operation of a device rated for a specific voltage UNLESS the load limits of the battery are exceeded.

Nokia realized that the software, they first release on the N95 was draining the battery quickly. They presented a solution with the software upgraded to V.20.0.015. The menu layout was changed and the result was the battery lasting 2 days. In conclusion, Nokia HAVE learned from the N95 mistake.

"Why not stay with the 1200mah or higher battery?" you ask. Here's a video of the product manager explaining why.

The Nokia N96 product manager says that bigger battery means bigger device. It was more important to keep the device comfortable to hold. He also claims that software optimizations (there goes that word again) were attributed to the Nokia N96 to make it more efficient. Don't forget this device is running of the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

In conclusion, Nokia developed the N96 to be as efficient as possible on the battery. Thus the super capacitor, the high current LEDS instead of xenon, and the software optimization.

Last topic, the design of the Nokia N96. The phone's dimensions are relatively the same to the Nokia N80 (go compare). The device also offers two dedicated media keys. Both were installed to accommodate the slid position of the device. Review the sample photos. The Nokia N96 offers the traditional front VGA camera as well.

I surely hope i cleared up a lot of issues dealing with the Nokia N96.

A lot of companies have lost themselves in this "phone war" and forgot the true definition of world leading technology. Any old phone company can slap the latest and greatest piece of hardware in their device and call themselves the best.

AS for the ones saying Nokia sucks, let me ask you something. If Nokia sucks so much, why are your precious phone companies being licensed to Nokia's own S60 platform. Furthermore, why are they being licensed to a mobile platform, either Symbian and/or Windows, period? If they are the best, shouldn't it be the other way around? What new ground shaking technology are they offering? Like i said, it takes more than hardware to be the best.


it is amazing , i had nokia n95 when i saw the specifications of n96 i really wondered it is a huge victory of our nokia in our family there where 5 nokia phones

  • Shams

This handset is amazing
But the problem is about the Doc. Viewer it must be editor too

  • Anonymous

every things is OK except the battery, the talk time is very very low 3.40 hrs comparing to sony 9 hrs latest one