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  • thea

well...this phone is like SAMSUNG i450.. but i450 is cool than this phone..N96 copied the style of the i450..wel, its nokia's copy their competitors design and style.. :)

  • Ying

To everyone regarding the Nokia N96.

Still there are many ignorant to what Nokia has presented in the Nokia N96. I have posted many articles regarding the device's specifics and provided much detail on them. Maybe you all didn't read them due to the articles being scattered or just chose to ignore them. I'm going to combine all here in this final post about the device.

All arguments are welcome.

First and foremost, the Nokia N96 IS the upgrade of the incredible Nokia N95. More specifically the Nokia N95 8gb. The Nokia N95-1 major issues were confronted and solved by the Nokia N95 8gb. To many that was enough but to the true dedicated N-Series fan, it wasn't, and Nokia felt the same. Don't misunderstand. The Nokia N95-1 and 8gb version are both incredible, but (I truly believe a lot of people forgot this) Nokia is all about INNOVATION. Thus the Nokia N96. Sure. Nokia's N96 concept could of followed every other mobile phone company's approach and slapped in touch screen, xenon flash, etc, but would separate them from everyone else?

Instead Nokia took the N95 8gb and improved it. Their main aim was OPTIMIZATION.

Probably the most discussed hardware on the Nokia N96 is its flash. The Nokia N96 uses dual high-current LEDs, which GREATLY differ from the low end LEDs the N95 offered. "Why not xenon?" is the most asked question. Here's the article I introduced on that started the dispute xenon vs high-current LEDs. I suggest you all read it.­;jsessionid=HU5XOOYEV5DGMQSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN?pgn­o=1

LEDs with a super capacitor has many advantages over Xenon. The light energy generated by LED flash exceeds most xenon flashes. With super capacitor-based LED Flash comparable to xenon in light energy, other attributes of the super capacitor solution make this more attractive for use in mobile phones, most notably the thin form factor which enables a flash unit < 2mm thick. In other words, you get smaller phones in form due to the lack of space need to accommodate the large electrolytic storage capacitor for xenon. In addition, unlike the electrolytic storage capacitor for xenon, the super capacitor can offload demands from the battery and handle all mobile-phone functions that need peak power - wireless voice and data, GPS readings, digital video, music and TV - improving talk time, battery life and audio quality. Translation. Your phone performs better while consuming much less energy from the battery.

In addition to all mentioned above, here's a video of the product manager of the Nokia N96 at Mobile World Congress showing a demo of the LED brightness.

Speaking of batteries, the most concerning issue on the Nokia N96 is the small 950mah battery. Many have posted that Nokia is "going backwards" and "haven't learned" from their mistake. Let's analyze that. Nokia realized that the software they first release on the N95 was draining the battery quickly. They presented a solution with the software upgraded to V.20.0.015. The menu layout was changed and the result was the battery lasting 2 days. In conclusion, Nokia HAVE learned from the N95 mistake.

"Why not stay with the 1200mah or higher battery?" you ask. Here's a video of the product manager explaining why.

The Nokia N96 product manager says that bigger battery means bigger device. It was more important to keep the device comfortable to hold. He also claims that software optimizations (there goes that word again) were attributed to the Nokia N96 to make it more efficient. Don't forget this device is running of the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

Concerning the comparison of the Apple Iphone and the Nokia N96 is utterly ridiculous. The two phones are total opposites: specs, O.S., functions, built, etc. This phone IS NOT in anyway way an "Iphone killer" or "the answer to Apple's Iphone" so please stop. Nokia has an answer to the Iphone and its followers called the S60 Touch UI. Nokia is mastering their tactile feedback touch screen which will completely change the user experience. Here's an article with a further details.

I surely hope i cleared up a lot of issues dealing with the Nokia N96.

Side note.
A lot of companies have lost themselves in this "phone war" and forgot the true defination of world leading technology. Any old phone company can slap the lastest and greatest piece of hardware in their device and call themselves the best.

AS for the ones saying Nokia sucks, let me ask you something. If Nokia sucks so much, why are your precious phone companies being licensed to Nokia's own S60 platform. Futhermore, why are they being licensed to a mobile platfrom period. If they are the best, shouldn't it be the other way around? What new ground shaking technology are they offering? Like i said, it takes more than hardware to be the best.

  • Shana

What is the different between n95?

  • ASIF

not good it's looks semes like N81 why nokia is copying the prevows models boring cell not good comments for this phone

  • meteorrrock

Ok, so this is the new design... Not impressed, I still like the nokia n95 black US version that was made in finland over this new nokia n96. The only good thing about this phone was the internal 16gb. I was not even impressed with the new dual flashes. Nokia why not throw that 16gb to the old version style of nokia n95, and for crying out loud don't get rid of the micro sd slot like you did on nokia 8gb which was a big joke!

I currently owned the nokia n95 black version made in finland, so far I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I'm leaning towards the sony ericsson xperia coz it looks so cool and it is also has touch screen. If only nokia will make something like n95 with a touch screen which will be a big big plus.

Nokia re-do the nokia n95 make it slimmer don't change the style though and don't forget to make it a touch screen and throw the 16gb and we are all set to go. Nokia n96 design sucks, Nokia n95 still rules!

  • fr75

How can Nokia repeat the same N95-isque mistake twice?
Agian 950mAh battery for a phone which is so feature rich!!!
Now after 4 months they will come up with a N96-32GB with a 1250mAh battery....come on it has become so predictable now !

Also Nokia please get a bit more creative and also further develop on your capability to take risks, this phone even though it's very rich in features is basically a mix of the N95 (FEATURES) and the N81 (DESIGN)....I know you guys at Nokia want to overwhelm the customers with a 1000 models per day but whats new in these offering from Nokia?

Your E Series and N Series are almost the same now, even the S40 Phones are basically repeats of your older models.

Take a leaf from SE's XPERIA X1, now thats what I call as something new.

I have been a Nokia user since the last 8 years now, but now I have started swaying in HTC's and SE's direction, because these guys are taking risks which you guys aren't.....I am sure there are others like me....

....tick tock tick tock ....Nokia, your markets gone shrink if u don't change.

  • eiskalt

so many bad comments bout the new Nokias. i was wondering why ? why so many ppl ??? said that nasty things about Nokia? personally i own a N82 and a K850 and im quite satisfied with'em. I used to have a N95 8gb that i gave as a present to my little sis, and believe me , there was nothing wrong with it : good batt life, ultimate camera, excellent sound, never frozen.

so , back to my question : why are you moaning about nokia ? we dont need your opinions, or advice , or comparison...

but : the fact that so many years the others competitors was unable to create something to compete with Nokia made you to be almost delirious when something ( at least for nokia, ha,ha ,ha ) , well something pretty performant like X1 appears.

wake up , and smell the real life , Pepe : X1 is far , still , from E 90. the touch screen of G series need a lot more in addiction to stand against N95 , 96 , 82. yes , they made some nice looking and tech-full machineries. BUT THIS IS A NORMAL STATE OF FACTS IF YOU WANT TO BE NO1 PHONE MANUFACTURER ( LIKE NOKIA...HA HA HA).
so try harder next time : be more prepared when you start to speak, think twice before open your mouth : SEricsson is good, good enough, but they need more. A lot more.

and remember something terribly unpleasant : the emotional attachment of Nokia users, the brand devotion of those people .That is something that no design department will be able to compete.

my humble oppinion ? the king is finn !

  • N96 for life (M@T2)

@ kaSr
have you forget that Nokia E90 have 800x352 pixel display 3-4year old Nokia 9300/9300i/9500 have VGA display Nokia N810 have WVGA TOUCHSCREEN your ETEN will always remain small no matter what they add to there phone and also QVGA is enough for 2.8" display older HP iPAQ/O2 phone have QVGA 3.5" display

  • M@T2

if your samsung is god of design than why samsung is putting S60 of Nokia in there phone S60 is fully made by Nokia and Samsung is using that in there phones.

  • Renier

Finally..a phone with every single mobile feature u could think off..this one seems worth it..128mb of ram..beatifull..well done Nokia team.

  • Rajiv Joshi

This new model (N96) requires the following upgrades:
=> Internal Mass Storage Flash Memory increased to 32 GB

=> Screen Size increased to 3inch (270x360 res)

=> TouchScreen with Full Stylus Input; High Quality Stylus provided

=> Latest Professional Version of QuickOffice preinstalled [Document Creation and Editing allowed)

=> Dual Xenon Flash, 3x Optical Zoom, Business Card Reader and Lens Protection Slider on the 5 MPx Camera

=> Battery Power Rating increased to above 1600 mAh

  • Xebio

according to some sources, this phone will available on May 7th. Get ready!

  • Ying

@ hamudi
Perhaps you should pay more attention to the details of a device before you open your mouth and/or read previous posts. The Nokia N96 design is optimized for both landscape and portrait mode, an upgrade from the previous slider phones. Namely the N95. View the photo gallery of the Nokia N96. Pay close attention to the media keys when the phone is slid into different positions. In addition, the side media keys are dedicated game keys as well.

  • Anonymous

and i think i've seen a phone similar to these. oh samsung forum, the F400. it feels like nokia and samsung has been sharing notes these days..

  • Anonymous

the size of boat?! its an arc for goodness sake!

  • demon

well, it seems like nokia copied the i450 of samsung? awchi..

  • Anonymous

Size comparison of the N96 and N95 8gb!!!­09/2008-02-12/1918702881.html

They're towards the bottom. It's in Japanese or something, but you can still see the pictures!!!

  • icemanx

Nokia. God bless your soul.

  • justin

this phone looks the size off a boat