Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • Limbergberik

950 mAh BL-5F Battery??? What happen with Nokia???!!!

  • Anonymous

no optical zoom??

  • zerodarknova

the best phone that I never see!

freaky awesome

  • trini

if this thing only had a touch screen it would make it THE BEST PHONE EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! but i really do like it though!!!

  • Vivek

My Brother recently got an N81, I like the sound quality and look. I was going to upgrade in June looks like Q3 now I want this phone.

  • vladimir

what about batery live.The n95 has a poor batery,and n96 has the same

  • Anonymous

i think its 2008 phone of the year its great !!!! its excellent well done from grittfrenz

  • Michael

Rite, do u no y nokia gave it a bad battery? Its their way of making money, by bringing the better phones out slowly, drip by drip because alot of people (me included unless in a contract and can afford it) are the kind of people who will upgrade to the slightest improvement. I have litrally just gt a nokia n958g, and fink this only just beats it due to the battery. Once nokia bring out the next battery, people will be forking out to buy it, they'l make millions on them alone! I must say I am pleased it has infared because theres nothing worse than having so many features and becoming dependent on another phone to recieve data off an lder phone (which lots of ppl have). But... Copy and pase button? i use this so much and gr8 to mark items.

  • Marcio Maia

DVB-H is cool, but it is not a worldwide standard... Nokia should customize according to the region's choice. Here in Brazil the digital system is based on ISBD-I (Japanese) but de/coding MPEG-4... I bet that once any brand launches a digital-TV compatible handset, this brand will sell millions and millions! Anyway the handset is wonderful, but the WLAN could provide the N standard and battery has to be improved.

  • Johnny

Keep up the good work NOKIA..


  • Anonymous

HAHA my friend got a Vertu phone since he wanted the best phone in the world and h cant upgrade for three years! I get this in August since I can upgrade every six months


  • Anonymous

This phone is amazing BUT the only s h i t i negative side is the camera has no xenon flash!

  • sona

n95 8gb is good.n96 just change the cover and memory.dont bring it out

  • Louis Kovacs

U2c0 CDMA handsets are lame and even worse off on the battery.

  • Shtangist

How you can put so many features with such a dead battery?

  • symbianworld

Here a video hands on:­-n78-briefly-hands-on/


Guess I'm the first. Cool. This phone has promising features but I'm afraid usability will suffer much like n81. It looks to have the same crazy front keypads and scroll wheel. To bad Nokia couldn't listen to usability of users and come up with something better and easier to use.

  • byter

Overall, The N96 is a good predecessor to the N95, the phone is jam pack with features that made the nokia N95 a success but with all these features it's one ugly phone! Oh did I mention its craptacular battery life? Just a little under 4 hours of talk time, WTH is up with that!?!?! In today's society, people are demanding stylish phones with good specs not phones that look fugly, huge, heavy and combined with poor battery life. Thats a no-no in my books. All I have to say is that " Nokia, you really let your consumers down" END OF RANT

  • Velimir

Phone is great, but again a huge mistake by Nokia... No Office documents editor!!!
I will stay @ E61i!
Best buisness phone by nokia!