Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • Mr.Jhones

This phone lacks 640 x 480 screen res. xenon flash ,1200 capacity battery,touch screen

  • xulfi

Nokia other phone can give these many features with a reasonable price tag..sonys W910i costs same as my N82...just look at the goodies which I have as compared to the Sony.. :S

  • sahil

its goin 2 b my nxt fone aftr d n95 classic...
wt ws d need 2 launch 6220 vid all those features?

  • LoveGod

Omg :( how the hell they putted n78 1200 mah battery and n96 950, this is a total crap :(

  • xan

this phone will be hot yaw!


wow...~~is same function v N95 but..The N96 design is vry nice ohh..waiting he come out..haha...hope tis phone will be wondeful..

  • Kumar Limbu

I am disapointed with this. I admit it looks nice but it is only an update to N95.

  • Mohammad Abdeltawab

I just got my N95 8GB and now its old :( , I wonder how much is NOKIA gonna price this one with the addition of a TV broadcast receiver, 8 more GB's and additional 0.4 inch in the screen ???? do you think a 950 mah battery is enough for watching TV ???

  • Anonymous

nokia is the best phone on the market.please guys improve on the battery life.

  • Anonymous

huge and bulky, same old design...

but a plus for GPS navigation, 5mp camera (although nokia camera sucks big time), wifi, bluetooth, infra red...

i would prefer SE X1 but it is still better than stupid and expensive iPhone

  • sidneylopsides

A Dual LED is no where near as powerful as a Xenon.

Is this Nokia's flagship for the year? It's not due till Q3 so it'll be up against the X1i, they aren'y aimed at exactly the same market, but quite similar. Both aimed at power users ands early adopters, but as this only has 16GB and TV tuner on top of the N95 8GB I doubt it would attract those owners.

I'm expecting to see something better than this, but if this is Q3, I doubt it'll be Q4 or later.


nokia is not doing well

  • Anonymous

same style and the features are the same NO changes at al! NOKIA phones are loosers

  • Anonymous

dual led flash is better than xenon...if it was only led flash then xenon wins but now nokia wins...and it has new type of operating system...a much newer one...and sony doesnt hav an operating system unless its p1 or g series or other business phones

  • al

ok, battery life is incredibly smal...but when comparing it with the SE its like the buggaty veyron vs ferrary =)) it`s just great from very many points of view, maby next generation nokia`s will have better battery ore maby in 1 year or so nokia will offer better battery`s for all nokias which you can buy...I thing SE should make some money out of this and offer SE batterys for nokia phones =)))) it`s a nice phone, you can not say you would throw it away if somebody gave it to you :D

  • gangadhar

handset is cool, iwoul like to purchase this handset, i voted abt design,features, but not abt performance after using this handset i will post my vote for performance.

  • Anonymous

best phone of all...even with dvb-h...and ericson is dreamin to make a phone like this...come on...when will SE start making big screens and 16mill colour eyes can only see ones again SE cant compete with this phone...

  • andy burgin

People will be slagging this phone down because its no a new type of mobile by Nokia until it been released then will sell well then eveyone will want it,Nokia will have learnt which type of software to use on the N96 an make the battery not get drained out quick,wish it would haved a xenon flash instead of the dual type one,but lets see the reviews about the camera flash before we pull the N96 down

  • Anonymous

Ugly as hell!!! the same plastic feeling as N82,

Not this year Nokia! Sony Ericsson has more news and the better line 2008

  • jey

Nokia please do something on appearance and the battery life ... Is the new technology on Li-On battery out yet that can sustain days of continuous usage on it ?