Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • X5

these new nokia phones somehow look quite delicate and unstable .... specially this N96 looks lyk it`ll break into 2 pieces once fallen down !! :S

  • G

This is the ultimate.

-5mp cam, 30fps vga video
-Digital TV
-Great looks
-Last but not least, Infrared.


  • nokia

i wait the N96(1/2) in the april...
take the children in the school.looooool

  • Krit

For any of you who were there at a conference,
Nokia said there would be a great event on Q2 this year where the S60 touch phone will come to life,
What will your X1 do then SE?
SE is very late at producing phones,
knowing nokia and how they work, it will hit the shelfs b4 X1


N78 1200mah battery
n96 0950mah battery!!!

Is this a blunder by nokia??
Becoz frankly, N78 is gonna be dead when he sees his older bro N82

I just hope this is a typo as nokia didnt mention about the battery in the conference!!

  • Anonymous

The thing is real good, !
Definitely NOT going to be my next phone.

N95 8GB will be my next phone!
All N96 will do for me is put N95 8gbs price down.


2.No major improvement in the camera area (unless the quality is better, XENON PLEASE)
3.8 Gb is enough for me! (:)) (I wont pay extra for useless extra storage!(

What can make me change my heart?---

1.A Better battery (is this one confirmed?)
2.Better pic quality
3.DOES have navi wheel

  • ankur valecha

hell of a phone
very good looks

  • hamed8322

it's sth bitween n95& offers a lack of it's own design.eventhogh having 16 gb of storage its not intresting.

  • erazer007

I love it.First to post.

  • Simon B

It has

DVB-H TV broadcast receiver

So thats FreeView digital TV in the UK ?

  • Brabuss

Coool :D

  • docdoc


  • andy burgin

Just Glad Nokias releasing the N96 but just want to see the rest like the N78 an hope they release better quality mobiles this year an show the other up,this will definetly be my next mobile after reading the reviews about the functions an quality of the Flash used on the N96

  • Krit

Amazing cell phone but 3 questions----

1.Navi wheel is present
2.Battery? (Strong enough)
3.Can the media keys be used as dedicated gaming keys?

  • Anonymous

nokia is the best !!!!!!!!!! Thr s no 1 2 compete with nokia.....

  • lalaland

third post!
My next phone

  • david

nice mobile

  • Anonymous

Im first - what top phone!

  • DJ Yeah

it looks great to me