Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • Claudell Govender

over top phone it has magical features.thumbs up to nokia

  • Nokia(rocks)

The Nokia n96 is a pretty sick phone, i live in San Diego so nobody can get it here, that's why i'm ordering one from china, it has'nt arrived yet but i cant wait to get it. I think the Nokia n96 is a great phone and it also has dual slide,movies,music,a sick stand,and it's also awsome to show off to your friends!

  • djicandi

im a proud owner of this handset
i must say it is the best in terms of being user friendly and all the features are a pleasure
the only dissatisfaction i get from the phone is the dull materials used and the dust particles that get in between the screen, ive had it for over 7 months and already ive replaced the whole casing of the phone...
im even considering to change the handset to the little brother,the N85(8GB) which packs a punch against the N96,it may be a little limited in terms of memory and DVB-H but it does the job, allong with the 8meg camera. so overall. the N96 is the best! but if you looking to purchase an equally competitive handset, i recomend the N86(8GB) THE QUALITY IS FAIR...

  • Mandla

Even afta da realese of N97 i stil value da N96 bigtym n sum thing lyk DVH-B is nt available in da N97.... Total respect 4 da N96 coz N97 cnt stil ma luv 4 N96 jst becoz of da touch screen n im going to use ma N96 until they release a more convincing...

  • jafree

hay waz up hope you are everybody are well,,,,,guys iwanto ask 1?is w995has a good picture quailty?n how is the set ???featureing than opthers???like n96??how is n96??please is useful to buy n96.??

  • Anonymous

Good phone... U like him... Take him home. Good English

  • funnykindel

nokia n96 is awesome. its the best phone ever !!!...the problem i have right now in nigeria is that i cant view the mobile tv...i subscribed as instructed and it downloaded the tv guide for the channels but an sms has not been sent back to be for activation...what do i do?

  • Kaycee

Nice phone with lots of features .

  • saurabh sharma

it,s very nice phone i like him. and i am purchase this mobile .


good phone

  • Sandeep

Saho , 04 Sep 2009does any1 no wer i can downlaod THEMES 4 my n96? i google it bt ... morelog on to

  • Anonymous

This is a very good phone...the only downside is the poor battery talk time.

  • maka 1

for those who are in a dillema as to what to get i will say N96 is your best parks everything you need and to crown it the dvb-h tv works fine.the to me n86 n97 even n85 are great phones but thay all lack the tv whish for me i prefer over am fm transmitter.its a great phone as for a product other than nokia count me out as nokia is the best

  • Arik

Justin , 30 Aug 2009Plz can any1 tell me wat 2 do my phone reboots like every 8-9 ho... moreJustine,
After some time they does that automatic, its self update, and its gana continu for 1-2 mon!
I know Sad!

  • girija patil

HI..can u help me? i have some problem using with n96.i dont know how to unlock music email id is ..Please help me..thank you.

  • reese 92

Hi guys. I need some help here currently I am using the nokia n82 and I am thinking of an upgrade. Which phone should I buy? I have narrowed it down to n86 and n96. I need a large storage capabilities but the camera is not a big matter to me. Which one should I buy. I am not a big fan of touchscreens. Please he'll me out here. Thank you.

  • king flores

Arvind, 31 Aug 2009Hi, Can anybody tell me which is better..n96 or w995?im confused what to buy.. n96 or w995

  • fab

This ranking is based on ''consumer satisfaction'' and ''phone model reputation.'' Only ''commercially-released'' phone models are included on the list.
1.NOKIA N86 8MP - This is the ultimate S60v3. The perfect evolution of Nokia's famous dual slider. The best camera phone currently available on the market. This phone closes the gap between a mobile phone and a DSLR.
2.NOKIA N95 8GB - The great update to the most revolutionary mobile device ever produced. This is a future-proof device. It is still state of the art even after 2 years of release.
3.NOKIA N82 - The best 5MP camera phone. This is the best mobile device in terms of price/quality ratio.
4.NOKIA N97 - It's a convergence of innovative design and advanced features. It brings mobile computing to the next level.
5.NOKIA N96 - It is loaded with advanced features previously unimaginable on a mobile device.
6.NOKIA N95 - The revolutionary device that started it all.
7.NOKIA N79 - It brings the mobile high-end features to the mass market.
8.NOKIA N91 - The benchmark in music/sound quality.
9.NOKIA N93 - This is the first mobile device that proved that DVD-quality video recording on a mobile device was possible.
10.NOKIA N73 - The best-selling Nseries device.

1.NOKIA N71 - The most faulty Nseries.
2.NOKIA N93i - It's untimely market release and unjustified hefty price made this device irrelevant.
3.NOKIA N76 - The most fragile Nseries.
4.NOKIA N78 - The junk of the Nseries.
5.NOKIA N72 - The concept and release of this phone are pointless.
6.NOKIA N92 - It's main selling point has never seen the light of day even after 4 years of release.
7.NOKIA N77 - ...And so has it.
8.NOKIA N80 - It's got a bad reputation for having an atrocious slider.
9.NOKIA N81/N81 8GB - This Nseries would've been worth it if it was not overpriced.
10.NOKIA N85 - Its features are great but its build quality is a disaster.

  • ali

im thinking of buying either N96 or E75.Can any 1 suggest me which mobile to buy & why not the other 1.....??

  • wil

this is wow!,one of my best phone ever versus its price,even comparing to those high end mobiles,its specifications alone is really unbeatable!,all you want in a mobile can be found in this phone.
however,life of battery somehow weak for me..