Nokia N97 Mini Oakley edition debuts at the Olympics

05 March, 2010

We somehow missed that when watching the Olympics coverage but apparently Nokia used the event to release a limited version of their handsets. The Finnish company collaborated with Oakley to produce 200 limited edition Nokia N97 mini handsets, which were then given to Oakley-sponsored athletes.

These phones exclusively have the Oakley Thunderbird (a logo created specially for the Olympics) laser-etched on their backs. That aside, the Nokia N97 mini Oakley edition only differs from the original Nokia N97 mini by the preloaded content.

Nokia N97 mini Oakley edition Nokia N97 mini Oakley edition
Nokia N97 mini Oakley edition

Check out one of the two hundred exclusive units in action in the video below.

So if you are looking for a phone to match your Oakley sunglasses you might want to check out eBay now and again in case one of those babies pops up.



Reader comments

  • moekesh

how can I reset my phone n97

  • sohail shaikh

i realy like this phone but this is coarty keypa

  • Vamp

This phone is on ebay now for another 7 days check it out

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