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  • BABA

cypher, 19 May 2012this phone is awesome. can someone get me one. u MAD person if u want this phone meet me i will show u how u can get it in free........DAVID.....

  • AnonD-55462

i love this phone. can someone send me one.pls

  • cypher

this phone is awesome. can someone get me one.

  • Anonymous

nish, 21 Feb 2012bcoz its got 18carrots gold plating and sapphire crystals18 carrots? So ,you can eat it? :))

  • T.Y

iiiiiiiiiiii luv it

  • Gollum

I wants it, precious!

  • mouse

rana, 10 Apr 2012i purchased this phone from dubai,i was fascinated by it's ... moreare u saying the truth..
i am havinh this from about 5 months...
and its working great....

  • rana

i purchased this phone from dubai,i was fascinated by it's luxurious look,but it went dead after 3 weeks,it wouldn't turn on again,took it back to nokia as i had a warranty,they exchanged it with a new one,i installed an antivirus on it as soon as i got,coz the previous problem couldve been a virus,but!!!! the same thing happened again,and now i am waiting for my next trip to dubai to throw it in their face, i feel nokia robbed me 3559 'AED,about 950 USD

  • Anonymous

if anyone give 15k pkr i don't want to buy.

  • Oro Forever

Please correct this mistake, the battery is a 1300Mah.
If you live in switzerland (or near) you can buy this beauty for the price of 500.- swiss franc It's without any contract both colors available.
The name of shop who's doing that sale is MobileZone.
On the internet it still cost 900.- swiss franc and more... :P
I bought one for that price it's a bargain!!! (the dark/gold version)
It's awesome with belle, the Oro theme look great on it, it's a bit faster with belle(if you turn off the theme effect), the sound is superb (phone call/music),the loudspeaker is a bit too high(lack bass).
The headset (nokia J) is comfortable and again the quality of the sound is superb !
The overall quality is superb, Leather/Gold/Shapphire look great and will go true the time, the only part i doubt it will remain intact is the plastic..
Anyway if you are looking for and different phone this Oro is for you :D !!!

  • nish

deepak karamchadANI, 07 Dec 2011why its too much expencive.......yyyyyyybcoz its got 18carrots gold plating and sapphire crystals

  • Daneil

ROMEE, 04 Feb 2012I like it i want now prise.Hi I like its very ver much

  • Punknino

Why did Nokia refuse to sell this phone in Africa, is it that African will not beable to buy it? I don't even see much different in it than other nokia smart phone.


I like it
i want now prise.

  • Anonymous

bassey okon, 17 Jan 2012This is one phone that can give you 2things at a time money... moreyes

  • Anonymous

If nokia does not stop using fixed focus camera on their high end phones, i will stop being a nokia fan and i will stop buying their high end phones. Nokia oro is such a big phone for a fixed focus camera.

  • bassey okon

This is one phone that can give you 2things at a time money and pleasure

  • Anonymous

nice features

  • mukesh rana

Good looking phone

  • Anonymous

oro phone very smart phone