Nokia Q3 results are out: phone sales declining, operating loss

20 October, 2011

Nokia reported its Q3 performance and sales were down across the board. Compared to their Q2 performance, however, things are starting to look up. Q3 should be Nokia's last quarter without Windows Phone handsets in the mix - the company is at a "make it or break it" point, with its future laying in the basket of Microsoft's mobile OS.

Let's go over the figures - net sales for Nokia's Devices & Services department were down 25% Year-on-Year (YoY) and down 1% sequentially. This resulted in operating profit going down 84% YoY to €132 million. Much better than the €247 million loss from the previous quarter, but the company as a whole still posted an operating loss of €71 million.

Total number of Nokias sold for the quarter was down 3% since last year, with smartphones taking a big 38% hit, while feature phones were actually up 8% YoY.

The Average Selling Price for Nokia phones in general fell - their feature phones now go for €32 on average (note that Nokia is selling €20 or so phones in droves). Smartphones go for €131 on average, down from the €133 ASP of last year.

Nokia takes the affordability of their phones as a point of pride. The big question is what happens when Windows Phone finally comes into play - a while back we heard they got the go-ahead from Microsoft to create a custom version ('Tango') intended to run on affordable WP7 handsets.

Anyway, looking at Nokia's numbers, both NAVTEQ and Nokia-Siemens Networks have been losing money in the recent quarters (the two accounted for €159 million in losses in Q3). We wonder what Stephen Elop's plans for the two are.

Check out Nokia's press release for a few more numbers and if you want all the details, have a look at the full report (PDF).



Reader comments

  • 27 Aug 2012
  • Uqr

NOKIA need to unlock many features with a low cost, as done by Anriod OS. I know it will never be possilbe for nokia to go for Anriod as they are rivals in the market. So NOKIA, if you are listening, bring something is better than Symbian. NB: ...

  • Rocky
  • 05 Jan 2012
  • U{F

We want nokia to adapt android Os only not any other like windows or meego

  • Zeus09
  • 26 Oct 2011
  • v{u

That's in the story books and yes u can say something similar if the signs are out there. But Symbian days are gone way back and it's the time for a solid real OS. I loved Nokia but there's currently nothing to compete with Android and iOS. Nok...

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