Nokia RDA tool leaks Lumia 910, 920, 950, 1001, and Nokia 510, 805

08 July, 2012

Developers accessing Nokia's online RDA tool over the weekend were in for a nice surprise as they spotted a number of unannounced devices by searching for other available devices near-by over Bluetooth.

Last year, we first heard of the Nokia Lumia 900 WindowsPhone in this fashion, so it's generally a legit source of leaked device names.

Well, the whole thing started yesterday with the appearance of one Nokia Lumia 910 in the list of discoverable devices via Bluetooth during a regular session with the RDA tool.

The Remote Device Access (RDA) is a service that allows developers to test their mobile applications and services remotely on various Nokia devices via a regular browser. Devs can remotely control a device, install and run applications on it, or transfer files.

In one of these test sessions later on, another device popped up - the Nokia Lumia 1001. Now that's a serious model name jump and this might suggest it's either a Windows Phone 8 device, or even a tablet.

As things heated up and the interest for the RDA tool grew immensely, people who logged in started finding all sorts of unannounced devices this way. Enter the Nokia Lumia 920, the Lumia 950, the Nokia 510, and the Nokia Belle 805.

Now take all these with a pinch of salt. Given the hype surrounding the RDA tool since yesterday, it might as well be a case of other devs messing with the available test units to display fake Bluetooth IDs. So for now consider this as just a heads-up. We won't go as far as analyzing the model names and potential market positioning, as they might turn out bogus.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in!


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Apr 2013
  • r%Y

lumia 510: real lumia 910: prototype lumia 920: real lumia 950: possibly real

  • AnonD-126849
  • 20 Mar 2013
  • jML

hey seeing that the 910 hasn't been released yet, I'd have to agree with ya! It's so hard to see invisible text!

  • AnonD-126849
  • 20 Mar 2013
  • jML


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