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Aikon, 07 Nov 2021What about privacy and security feature ?. But I accept thi... moreI think you lack the complete picture. Have you ever encountered Mediatek Dimensity 1200 SoC in a smartphone like Realme X7 Max or Oneplus Nord 2 with 12GB LPDD4x RAM and 256 GB of ultra fast UFS 3.1 storage? It will blow all Unisoc chips out of the water and even all Qualcomm SD7XX SoCs with its brute performance be it CPU of GPU. Only the top of the line SD870 & SD888 is more powerful by a little margin.

Mediatek is much larger company than Unisoc and produces superior processors without a spec of doubt. That is not to say Unisoc's are bad.

Similarly priced Realme Pad comes with Mediatek Helio G80 SoC which is superior in every way than what Nokia offers on its T20. Unisoc T610 is slightly inferior to G80 and Nokia should have provided the Unisoc T700 which is G80's actual competitor.

And not only SoC's the other IC's that work in unison with the SoC are also provided by the SoC provided. In that sense Mediatek's implementation is always slightly better.

  • Aikon

PMKLR3m, 06 Nov 2021Why not. Still better then helio p22tWhat about privacy and security feature ?. But I accept this cpu is 10x better than mediatek p22t. Mediatek cpu performance, gpu , heat issue , mobile network download and upload speed and app crashing issues are lot. I have a bad experience with galaxy a7 lite tab. Even somany apps are can't work properly (sleep mode apps are working in background and consume too much of battery power).
I think Nokia decisions are always best. I waiting to buy this tab in my country.

msr, 04 Nov 2021why on earth UNISOC?Why not. Still better then helio p22t

  • medo18

EMMC lol

  • babak

msr, 04 Nov 2021why on earth UNISOC?because its cheapest out there

  • msr

why on earth UNISOC?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021It only costs 200 EUR. What were you expecting? The specs a... moreif u don't care to have
3.5mm jack + sim card
on tablet

u can have
SnapDragon 750G 5G + 128/6 Ufs 2.1+ Type c 3.1 +
Face recognition, gyro, proximity

with 200euro

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021It only costs 200 EUR. What were you expecting? The specs a... moreUnisoc processor are worser than mediatek

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021garbage screen storage for the priceIt only costs 200 EUR. What were you expecting? The specs are decent for the price.

  • Anonymous

garbage screen storage for the price

  • AMU GTKanal

Whait, the same Tab like ALLDOCUBE KPad! The same CPU T610 and same designe, same display etc etc....

Closest thing to the Nexus tablets of old. Nokia guarantees relatively long term software updates (in the Android world) but the SoC is not really a chip that is synonymous with the term "longevity". If this had a sd732 or helio G95 or anything of the class (no 5G needed) as well as keeping the price below USD300, it would be an absolute winner.

  • Anonymous

Offline FM Radio in a tablet? Now that's a worthy feature hard to come by.

There are other cheaper tablets using the same chipset which are cheaper than this, which also run stock android. The better chipset choice would have been the T618 which also other tablet manufacturers in China have, like the Alldocube iPlay40. Nokia late to the party again.

Dudenoway, 07 Oct 2021U cna get realme pad for 190 dollar in 32gb 3gb rma option.... moreI also believe in same. Realme Pad is the better tablet when comparing with Nokia T20. First let’s get one thing straight, both tablets are slightly altered variant of the same original base design model designed. It is designed by their common ODM partner Longcheer Electronic HUIZHOU Co LTD. If you compare their size, display size, button placements, SIM tray placements, speaker placements and even headphone jack placements they are identical. Realme just used a better SoC, used all four internal slots reserved for speakers, while Nokia skipped 2 of them while providing a bigger battery. Just look at their teardown videos.

These ODM partners also provide optimized Android software for their product. Hence both are using same stock Android. Recently got hold of a Realme Pad. Here is what I like:

1) Premium, sand-blasted metal build with a satin finish. Slim, elegant & minimalistic design. Fortunately, no screaming "DARE TO LEAP" logo at back, just a subtle "realme" logo in corner. I have the grey variant and this looks classy with those neat chamfered edges running all around. It is also pretty light at just 440 grams.

2) Bright & beautiful 10.4" IPS LCD display with oleophobic coating on the top. A nice touch, hence no smudges on display while using. At over 400 nits, very bright for indoor use for a tablet. Colours just pop and viewing angles are great. For this IPS panel, I get amazing contrasts like OLED panels. You get deep inky blacks. The panel also gets very dim at night and causes zero strain in my eyes. Even with (2000 × 1200) & 224 ppi I observe no pixelation issues. Comes with Widevine L1 support which the Nokia lacks, hence full HD content streaming is a joy to watch. All in all, for less than $300 tablet, Realme have cut no corners and is providing the best display. Period.

3) Mediatek Helio G80 SoC in this tablet may not win any races now, but will plough the field from day to night. Best SoC you can get on a tablet under $250, slightly more powerful than Unisoc T610. The Unisoc T700 is the actual competitor of Mediatek G80. G80 runs cool and is very well optimized to run efficiently. Its GPU is respectably powerful and i can play games at medium settings. G80 uses the same proven TSMC 12nm fabrication process of the Mediatek G90T, G95 & G96 Helios range.

4) I own the 4GB LPDDR4x RAM variant, which to me was the obvious choice for long term use. With Andriod apps getting RAM heavy and fatter day-by-day, I never looked back at 3GB variants. The 4GB variant have no lagging issues and works smoothly during navigation and browsing. I do get once-in-a-blue-moon stutters, but those are nit picking. 6GB variant is not available in India.

5) Provided 64GB eMMC 5.1 internal storage is enough to install 200 apps if required. For the rest of the multimedia contents, photos & documents we get the option to expand the memory with an additional memory card. I am using a 256GB card which is enough for my needs. So no worries about running out of memory with support for upto 1TB.

6) Comes with 3.5mm audio jack. Thank GOD. A must have for me to enjoy any type of lag/ latency free audio, multimedia experience without disturbing others. Audio quality is just OK for me. Gets the job done and still far superior than garbage TWS. Smartphones & tablets have pretty much taken over as the primary source of music for most people and smartphone manufacturers took this opportunity to kill the wired audio market so they could sell overpriced, mediocre wireless garbage to consumers.

7) Awesome 4 speaker stereo setup, very loud and clear. Provides an unheard immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos. Right up there with $400 tablets. Just blew my mind. Much superior to Nokia’s implementation Period.

8) For tablets, selfie camera is more important to me than the back camera. Realme have put an 8MP wide angle selfie camera which gets the job done. Nokia is even worse at 5MP. Rear is also an 8MP with no flashlight. Just OK performance here and the camera app is bare bones.

9) Big internal 7100mah battery when paired with an efficient SoC like G80 provides outstanding battery life. For my usage lasts for 3 days to get down to 25% battery. No complaints here. Nokia has an even bigger battery and may last for 3.5 days according to my usage but comes with 15 watts charger.

10) Modern USB Type-C port and 18 watts fast charger included in the box. I use a 10 watts charger instead to prolong battery life and it takes me 2 hours approx. to charge from 25% to 80%.

11) Clean Android 11, though I would have loved the customized Realme UI on top of this instead. I like the rich set of customizations that comes with Realme UI, but I think it is too much of an ask for the 3GB model. Happy with what I got but missing double tap to wake or sleep functions.

12) Very good Wifi & LTE performance with support for all Indian telco 4G LTE bands. I tested with JIO, and the 4G VoLTE worked just fine.

13) However the price at which Realme is offering this tablet is just mind boggling. The 4/64GB memory configuration generally retails for ₹18K at Flipkart. During recent Flipkart BBD Diwali sales, flat ₹2K discount was provided, making it the best buy at ₹16K. Chip in the Axis Bank Flipkart co-pay card and you get almost 15% discount. I had to pay ₹13.68K ($183, 158 euros) and got one at a heartbeat. Even at $300, this tablet has no competition in India.

All in all a big thumbs up to Realme for their first ever tablet as they are able to successfully disrupted the tablet market and provide us consumers the best value tablet under $300 tablet segment.

Heathiopian, 15 Oct 2021No unfortunately not, it's l3, still though it blows m... moreTQVM for the answer. Awwww a big NO. I will pass then.

Dudenoway, 14 Oct 2021Prob not. Its a budget tab. If any tab has hdr10 then likel... moreOh no. If it is, then I think I will pass.

  • Anonymous

i am planning to buy this tablet when it arrives in my country because now i am still using a very dated lenovo tablet and it's getting frustratingly slow so it would be nice to upgrade i also have nokia C30 with very good battery life and i think this tablet also have very good battery life

IDONTKNOW, 14 Oct 2021Does it support Widevine L1? I'm planning to buy one f... moreNo unfortunately not, it's l3, still though it blows my ancient tab 3 out of the water lol

Heathiopian, 13 Oct 2021Had my t20 for a couple of days now 64/4gb version... Not o... moreI mean u cna buy a realme pad. Far better for multimedia consumption. And if u don't mind spending some good 200 more u can get a lenovo pad Pro which is more expensive but the ultimate tab for multimedia consumption.