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Akleksi, 07 Oct 2021T20 has more powerful processor, bigger battery, better dis... moreTab t20 doesn't have better display. It doesnt have better soc. Tab a7 has more updates(3 years instead of 2 years and also hmd nokia drops update like 5 years later)

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021T20 has IPS LCD, better than Samsung's TFT Unisoc is ... moreTft is a form of ips lcd. And it menas thin film transistor. Also sd 662 no exynos and sd 662 is better than unisoc.

Dudenoway, 07 Oct 2021So what? your reply will cross the red lines of gsmarena, so i cant say anythink but i think you know my answer.

The design is looking really nice to me. But don't know much about Unisoc. Ahh, what was wrong with MediaTek? :')

Maybe according to the price that's what you can manage best.

  • Flagsheep

Truely intended for kids (or old people) , not bad i guess

  • msr

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021and Tab A7 has a Snapdragon 662. Read the spec sheet more t... more662 is crap.

  • msr

only chipset is the weakness.

  • Anonymous

A quite decent tablet for light-medium workload or kids for school. BUT, that is, if someone manages to snatch the 4/64 version. 3/32 basically pushing the spec's performance to its limits. Annoyingly, the 3/32 version is likely the only available version in the country where I live, even though it comes with LTE. Why HMD, why??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021T20 has IPS LCD, better than Samsung's TFT Unisoc is ... moreand Tab A7 has a Snapdragon 662. Read the spec sheet more thorough next time.

Everything is okay in this tab..... Just the processor..... It sucks. Give better processor and ufs storage so it might be the best in its price. Aluminum body is nice

  • Anonymous

Samsung tab a7, 06 Oct 2021Samsung tab a7 is better than this tablet. It has slightly ... moreT20 has IPS LCD, better than Samsung's TFT
Unisoc is still better than Exynos shits.
8200 mAh battery is bigger than 7040 mAh.

I've no idea if you actually read the specs, lol!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021why must Apple ? how about other ? what Apple got to do wit... moreWhy can't we compare brands? At first, tell us that. A user has the right to compare among brands if he or she actually used the products. Who are you to limit their voices?

  • AnonD-930503

Somebody must be mocking with NokiašŸ˜

  • AnonD-930503

Once you get this tablet, you will love all the tablets in the world. Because you will go back to stone age and return back to contemporary lifešŸ¤£

I'm gonna get this for my kid

  • Akleksi

Abdulkadir.AN, 07 Oct 2021Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) is better.T20 has more powerful processor, bigger battery, better display and will be updated to Android 13. How is A7 better than this?

Minu, 07 Oct 2021And retails at thrice the price at all (if not most) countr... moreU cna get realme pad for 190 dollar in 32gb 3gb rma option. Furthermore for 230 dollar u can get 64gb 4gb rma version one. And that's about 200 euro if I'm correct. And realme pad has better perfomance better speakers more of same or better display and some nice cameras.

M.Aria, 07 Oct 2021but still they are chineseSo what?

Minu, 07 Oct 2021I still can't believe people complain about Unisoc. Th... moreMediatek chips don't heta in the first place. And gsmarena never reviewed any unisoc chip mobile to even get its perfomance. And also atleast mtk phones get updates unlike unisoc.

Rob W, 06 Oct 2021Seems like a pretty decent feature set for the price. So ma... moreNope. Better get off by buying a Sammy tab a7 or realme pad.