Nokia PureView 9 won't be getting Android 11, says company's official website

Ro, 30 November 2021

Despite Nokia being a bit slow when it comes to updating its phones at times, it has kept its promise to deliver two full years of major Android updates. The Nokia 9 PureView, however, is going to be an exception to the rule according to the company's official Polish website.

Nokia won't be getting Android 11, says company's official website

Nokia outlines the camera experience and its features to be the main reason for the decision. It says that the device's camera software and features are not compatible with Android 11 and therefore, the core appeal of the phone would be lost after updating. After all, Nokia 9 PureView's innovative camera is the centerpiece feature.

For users wanting to upgrade to Android 11, HMD Global is offering a 50% discount for Nokia 9 PureView owners on phones that are running Android 11. Although this seems like a regional announcement, it may soon become global.

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Reader comments

Used Nokia 6.1 for 6 months. Awfull android 1. Try to remove google bar ? can't ! And i dont want to install a launcher No! And i stay with my point just to adapt android one by hmd is a huge saving for them. Its just an insult compared tobwhat...

  • Carol

If you find this overpriced, well you have no idea what you're using. Most probably a cheap crapware that already brought them companies thousands after the sale and out of your profile. Now THAT is overpriced!

  • Carol

There is a reason why the prices are higher, one of them is exactly that one expressed by you. Android one is clean and they intended to keep it that way, that means no money from other companies to forcely install their apps on your device (samsung)...

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