Nokia PureView 9 won't be getting Android 11, says company's official website

30 November 2021
It would still receive timely security updates, though.

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Carol, 27 Dec 2021Your information is half backed and ignoarant. Google makes... moreUsed Nokia 6.1 for 6 months. Awfull android 1. Try to remove google bar ? can't ! And i dont want to install a launcher No! And i stay with my point just to adapt android one by hmd is a huge saving for them. Its just an insult compared tobwhat Nokia did with any OS : make it nice for humans.

Sure some things always have to be don by the manufacturer duh so that doesnt exclude hmd. But they didnt do anything for the OS friendlyness or good launcher good well you name it there is so much usefull in an iphone or Samsung. Yes i like well thought add ons and extensions. Oh and any bloat is easily deleted its not an spying Xiaomi oppo sh.

I like a LG or Samsung OS way more. Lots of friendly stuff. Really put effort in it. Horrid HMD and hail to the real old Nokia. They put effort a lot into the most important thing besides solid hardware (HMD DOESNT DO THAT) : software. Awfull android one . what a laugh

  • Carol

sha be, 02 Dec 2021there is no another nokia flagship coming unless you want a... moreIf you find this overpriced, well you have no idea what you're using. Most probably a cheap crapware that already brought them companies thousands after the sale and out of your profile. Now THAT is overpriced!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021I dont care about updates but it's expected from brand... moreThere is a reason why the prices are higher, one of them is exactly that one expressed by you. Android one is clean and they intended to keep it that way, that means no money from other companies to forcely install their apps on your device (samsung) nor adware and other traking solutions to make money with your data (all chinese brands). So yeah, when you see android one, you should be all happy about the fact that is clean and be weilling to pay an extra 50€, as it is a privilege this days to be able to use a phone without ads and bloatware all over the place. Or you really think cheap means fair? If so, then attend marketing lessons, you'all need them.

  • Carol

neij56, 02 Dec 2021Message from a former Nokia hardcore fan: Let Nokia die!... moreYet, NOKIA it self supports them and has shares in the company. Yet, they should all here your opinion...exagerate much?

  • Carol

mawlki, 02 Dec 2021They nearly don't have to care for any software at all... moreYour information is half backed and ignoarant. Google makes the core OS... for anything else: like drivers, bugs troubleshooting, cameras, display algorithms CPU usage and so on, are the manufacturers of the devices responsible. Especially in the lines of nokia 9 where the camera is at a whole lot of a different level. To think Google takes care of that, is also a different level of ignorance. As for android one. You clearly never used android one, you also have no idea how to use android all together. If you knew something about it, you would know that at the core, every android device in the world has pure android, bloated to oblivion with trakers and uninstalable adware while doing some small unimportant tweeks on the UI level. You would also know that with android you can change pretty much anything, even the way the UI works. So you just told me android one is hidios because it does not have crappware pre-installed. Is good though that you can still write on GMSarena forums.

  • Carol

SShreyas, 06 Dec 2021So basically, the guys at trasHMD signed a deal without any... moreFor those who understand the meaning of Pureview, they understand the reason behind going with "light" for the camera. Of course light is not the only developer of the camera there was a fusion Team, that worked on it (most probably). I actually do not believe the camera excuse, but am not there so i can not blame the company, here and there without knowing what was actually behind their decision. Might as well be the fact that android 11 makes little to no difference while being heavier then android 10 causing this fisasco... might be that they decided to switch their resources to other projects because nokia 9 wasn't sold enought to make a difference... I don't know, and frankly, don't care to much about android 11. The phone works like out of the box after more then 2 years and has the latest security patches. After this one goes away, i doubt will be anytime soon, i will go for a fairphone if hmd do not release any flagship or something in those lines.

  • Lin

No need major OS upgrade but we want security monthly update and bugs fix on the way...

Carol, 01 Dec 2021Can also be the know how that's missing. The camera is... moreSo basically, the guys at trasHMD signed a deal without any support contract with Light that in turn was supposed to develop the most hyped feature in a "flagship"?
That's the epitome of idioticity.

That's sad. A good company would trade a new mid-range phone for any N9 returned... I gave my N9 to my mom a year ago and don't regret at all, in-fact I am very happy going back to the Samsung S series (S10e - (phone from 2019) better than the "flagship" N9, currently at Nov 2021 update and in line to get Android 12 in a month or so!)

RIP pureview fans and to that guy who keeps defending HMD for being a "good" company.

  • hlp

They'll be soon give you an update of new Symbian OS.

sha be, 02 Dec 2021there is no another nokia flagship coming unless you want a... moreProbably next year they can release a flagship, hopefully

Carol, 01 Dec 2021Can also be the know how that's missing. The camera is... moreThey nearly don't have to care for any software at all. Android One. Brilliant sales department choice. Let Google do all the software. Saves them a lot of money.

It's ok and if you are a fan of that awfull Android One. fine be me.

The thing is Nokia should have put a good camera in that can deal with Google Camera App.

hmm, 01 Dec 2021At my country cheapest XR20 is 468 Euro and i just looked a... moreI mean if it was 300 eurs would be ok. Now it's rediculously priced at near 500. pathetic. laughable

  • Anonymous

Sold my Nokia 9 PV, so don’t care any more.
I did the right decision.

  • Anonymous

neij56, 02 Dec 2021Message from a former Nokia hardcore fan: Let Nokia die!... moreExactly

What was known as a once iconic phone brand is now identified as a scam and disappointment. All because of hmd that has cancelled an entire OS update on a flagship device. Incidents like this give android phones a bad rep. They should refund the customers

Maybe the phone didn't sell well, so there was no point on spending too much resources for an upgrade. Look at the budget devices like Nokia 2.1 , 2.4 , 5.4 , 3.4 they get updates because they sold really well

  • sha be

R...Hunter, 01 Dec 2021They could've made this announcement when another flag... morethere is no another nokia flagship coming unless you want a marked up, overpriced sd480+ phone with a huge nokia chin

Message from a former Nokia hardcore fan:

Let Nokia die!

HMD is a huge disgrace to the legendary Nokia brand.

HMD should not use the Nokia name on their phones.

  • Anonymous

HMD tookdown their unlocking bootloader website. Avoid Nokia phones at all cost!!!