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Nokia X+

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  • Priya

Plz any one tell me the advantages and disadvantages of not having Google service in this mobile.thanks in advance.

  • z

no flash !!!! why ?

  • shri

Below 10k non of any branded phone have secondry camera brother...

  • royalman

Any one help me,pls.....

can we install apps. In micro sd card in this device?

A multitasking available in it?

Tnx in advance!

  • AnonD-223810

I think I'll probably buy this one. A "lite" (on budget, performance, body size, and weight) device with Microsoft service intergrated and a Metro-like UI. I like it. Just Nokia should announce this device one month earlier so I can save my money for buying Xperia ZR.

  • Plyze

This is for the kids

  • siva

nokia need to improve the configiration

  • R G

Missing frnt camera and led flash.

  • naani

very have to improve the configration.

  • Anonymous

very poor configration.

  • m

can you imaigine android phone with 1500mh battary. what will happen?

  • skynet13

soooo, nokia X, X+ and XL, specs sucks, and the name is not original HTX one X, One X+ and one XL. really nokia ?

  • AnonD-238151

RAM,GPU & GPRS are still low...

  • sam

front camera is missing

Azam Syed, 26 Feb 2014High ram 768mb and low camra 3.15mp. what a combination ,,,,hahahahaSomething had to be done to make it affordable.

  • Azam Syed

High ram 768mb and low camra 3.15mp. what a combination ,,,,hahahaha

  • Mariappan Ganapathy

aayush, 26 Feb 2014Great phone i was waiting for a long time for nokia android.You are right even i too waiting for a long time to nokia android phone

  • AnonD-238115

AnonD-226574, 26 Feb 2014Will it play hd videos or not pls replyy...can i watch hd movies... moreA5 CPU + Adreno 203 GPU are bad combination for playing HD movies

i've already tried it with innos i6/i6c and dissapointing

  • JD

In think these are the Testing Phones in market bcoz...
Just imagine in all competators .... Nokia is going with..
1) 768 MB ram for Android.
2) 480p@30fps Video.
3) Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A5 for Android.
4) GPU Adreno 203
5) Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery is less for Android.

Nokia is trying out thr Phones on Android before they launch flagship phone in this Category.

  • aayush

Great phone i was waiting for a long time for nokia android.