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  • Anita

how can i open mobile data in shortly?

  • MRS

the phone is sooo lagy, and the touch screen was so sucks. i cant use the touch screen if my fingers is wet or a bit moisture. unworthy to buy even with a low price..

  • Anonymous

Cool phone wow

  • Anonymous

phone is lagging in software...prefer to buy nokia x2

  • AnonD-431040

My internet icon on Nokia x has stopped working,though i have tried disconnecting my wifi and reconnecting but no use..

  • mohammad

it is a slow phone but good

  • chetan

Best mobile for me uptill now very good to use made for best. No compaints yet but gives client satisfaction although low in rate

  • Jeetu

It is somehow slow phone because of 512 of RAM, but it is good phone as Economically. Everything you needed apps can run in it. like facebook, Twitter, skype, Tunein Radio, and Games also, and yes it is Really bad phone for Samsung users.... Finally I am satisfied with my Nokia X... It is giving me everything.

  • Anonymous

baracka, 03 Aug 2015am having a problem downloading whatsapp on nokia lumia x Try the 3rd party app market it worked for me

  • Anonymous

no selfie cam.too slow when gets stuck some time.but rear cam (only cam) works good in daylight. but cheep in price.

  • anonomous

this is a bad phone from has no play stopre ,no secondary camera and no flash.

  • Anonymous

User, 02 Aug 2015It hasnt been 2 years and my phone is malfunctioning it started ... moreTry putting a piece of paper between the battery and the door to hold the battery in place

  • baracka

am having a problem downloading whatsapp on nokia lumia x

  • AnonD-424857

salman, 13 Jul 2015the worst phone I ever seen..This is nt a phone it is annoying p... moreWell said bro!

  • User

It hasnt been 2 years and my phone is malfunctioning it started this month when i finished charging it it started to shut down all by its self and it is repeated all over again and again and again please give me a solution to my problem

  • deepan

Good Phone.Good touch.All app suports..Am using For about 6months..good experience..

  • Pritam

Using this for two months....PROS-good build quality,camera is good considering the price,almost all android apps are supported...CONS-slow browsing,heating a lot,frustrating battery life,hanging after every 5 overall IT'S BAD.

My impression of this phone, an OS built on top of Android with a mix of Windows Phone live tile UI, an BlackBerry 10 Hub - like notification centre(Fastlane) and only one button like iPhone. Performance wise, so so aka just okay for normal usage. Not the best mobile browsing experience, not the best camera, not the best music player(headset/speaker), not the best video viewing experience(due to low resolution) and medicore gaming experience. However, very decent battery life for it's price range.

  • phoenix

Kwame, 24 Jul 2015will you guys recommend this phone for me?Phone was good few years get better phones now.tty any phone from the android one project

  • Franzkid

the phone is not okay..slow on browsing..