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  • AnonD-218710

It is pain n ass, fine. Nokia jumbled up Google store with its own ad five others. What can u expect from a basic spex fone only to satisfy android customer, later wed have to n high end intro true android, otherwise MS wed never scrum to Google no way. Its a battle of giants ad public is being penalized.

  • s p prajapati

This is a jhand in this range

  • AMIT

its a nice product of nokia
all fixture to be covered

  • Beke

please i wanna know if this new Nokia X ping?

  • Ashu

its good in comparison too Moto G...really nice features in this range

  • neXus

Dolon, 18 Apr 2014I used the moto g.The Has many problems such as short battery li... moreLOL The fact that Moto G has a good screen quality than that of the Nokia X, you didn't complain about X's screen quality XD

  • AnonD-105456

root the device for google store - now have google store and nokia store :) ; so its great - not a problem, no crash in apps , no force restart , good signal on both sim (i have dual sim) - battery 1 day normal user (with 3g non stop) - better than other device from his category

  • dj

no! i am not setisfy with nokia x .in fact it is too expensive and bold set

  • arun

get heats fastly

  • Dolon

AnonD-255243, 17 Apr 2014Do not buy go with moto g.I used the moto g.The Has many problems such as short battery life,low quality screen....then I bought the Nokia X....X is super.

  • varun

Mad.shahid, 17 Apr 2014plz frndx help me i am getting frustrtd with this phone i downl... moreDear google play is copyright of google and its not possible u can move to google play x isn't android phone so chill its having its own play store infact 5 play store.

  • Anonymous

Unknown, 17 Apr 2014Dear all, I Have brought this phone two days back & I have s... moretxn

  • AnonD-255243, 17 Apr 2014Hi...guyes can any one tel me is Nokia supports..the what app an... moreDo not buy go with moto g.

  • AnonD-255243

I purchased this phone and survey better there is android j.b but nokia had updated own program looks like Symbian, no option to minimize present program why the people are looking in this handset couldn't find that futures so please do not go with this handset because you can just have option to install android application,
shit mobile from Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Can we move apps or games to SD CARDS?

  • chand

luisinhoens90, 17 Apr 2014That's why Nokia XL is coming. It has more value than Nokia X an... moreits good


Hi...guyes can any one tel me is Nokia supports..the what app and other android app or game..

  • jazzy bb

i want to buy this cell fone would you all recomend me this hand set

  • TOM

when is your next model due ?

  • sat

without front camera how is
thats way nokia now we can see which position
plz improve think better