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  • Anonymous

bullsh*t phone. hanging and so laggy.

  • abhijit

does this phone support japanese / korean writing? which nokia model support japanese / korean font?

  • jhep nasman

Darren , 13 Jun 2017Is this phone still usable in 2017 as in whatsapp, Facebook act yes...

  • Anonymous

I have a dual sim variant of this and it's really bad. it's automatically switching off when I put another sim.

  • AnonD-261647

Mine fell on the ground thousands of time, and yet it's still working well! Just a few minor scratches on the screen protector tho.

  • Darren

Is this phone still usable in 2017 as in whatsapp, Facebook act

  • abhijit1998

Anonymous, 15 May 2017How can i set my sd card as an default storage. Coz everytime wh... moreit is easy if you rooted your device. Just check XDA forums.

  • Anonymous

How can i set my sd card as an default storage. Coz everytime when im downloading files it always go to phone storage

  • Elvis

Nokia x headset bad head set sound not clear 3.5mm jack bad support in home thither and speaker any 3.5 mm jack head set not clear

  • elvi

Nokia x 3.5mm jack bad head set not work full sound no loud in home thither

  • monster90

try to use room by lewa,, and also using smart launcher to be better performance yours.. I've been using about 3 years

  • Airmel

I've been using my Nokia X since September 2014. At first it was very slow until I installed Hola Launcher. It was accelerated and my more than 70 apps worked smoothly and fast. Its Heremaps called my attention that made me aspire to buy it. After downloading maps, I can locate myselft in real time even offline and without data. It doesn't disappointed me on my cravings for my needed apps and its durability that seemed to be built for permanence. I can't recall how many times it fell on concrete surface with housing, battery and unit separated, and surprised that it still working, with its screen didn't even acquire any micro scratch. As of now, I can't think replacing this smart phone with its contemporaries of the same or close price. God bless its manufacturer!

  • jun

I need a smartphone with a basic specs. so I bought this unit. well im not really satisfied. it hangs sometimes and it so log when im browsing in some sites. well the good about this it has a great camera , clear and loud audio. bright display and a good battery life.

  • Anonymous

Got mine today, and this is not bad at all.perfect for communication and playing light games.

  • alex

The nice apps are found in 1mobile a third pary,mostly the apps their are compatible with my nokia x phone,this phone may not be as expected by an android,or as perfect,for me this is a hybrid phone,not the usuall android that it keeps on asking for updates.

  • alex

Hmm...not really that bad,if you choose well the apps you install it works fine,you have to chooset the apps you install,the ram is o ly 512 mb so you choose some apps that is "light",to keep from hanging just erase the fastlane notification,thats im doing.install an app for cooling the cpu.

  • Anonymous

nokia x needs a full android update.

  • Nokia x

a vertical green line appear in my Nokia x display! any solution

  • aeiou

Poor performance, camera is not good. There is no google play services. The battery is always overheating even when turning it off during charging. Applications are always hanging. It needs a lot of improvement.

  • elvpredator

bad phone game graphics not work nokia x wwe 2k15 game not work ing original android asphalt 8 not work ing back please wait