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Nokia X

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  • sourav

Aman Singh, 09 Mar 2014When will Nokia's X series Android Mobile will available in Jammu??You can buy it online at


when will nokia android phone will be available in chennai and we hav to know 1thng tht y the rate s ths much plz send me a reply

  • AnonD-242179

can we move to sd card

  • Aman Singh

When will Nokia's X series Android Mobile will available in Jammu??

  • rizwan patel

I have contacted a seller in my city he told me it will b available from 12th m so exited to buy this good looking baby having more os using platforms...great job nokia

  • awais

Can i download viber for voice calling

  • Anonymous

Price? Under 100 euro?

  • AnonD-121393

yuvan, 07 Mar 2014GSMARENA....wen will Nokia X Review be available????Its available at for 8.5k INR.

  • AnonD-588

Nokia X Will be available from 10th March 2014.

  • AnonD-65064

11th march ..i will be available to buy in india

  • AKS

mk, 07 Mar 2014I think it is a great phone for this price. Do not listen to tho... moreIt is not the case of Nokia Lover vs Samsung lover. If you are paying money, you should get proper return for that. If not,whether it is Nokia or Samsung should be critised.

  • Anonymous

Awesome. Amazing. A great combination three OS user interface -android,windows,asha. Love NOKIA

  • AnonD-65064

anon, 06 Mar 2014think its out $120 Maylasia, is this a good phone? can i use all... moreyes its a good cannot use google play but all android app are available at nokia store plus you will have nokia music which is just awesome.

  • AnonD-65064 many of you have purchased it.share experience

  • Anonymous

Its not andriod jelly bean os, its nokia x platform..

  • yuvan

GSMARENA....wen will Nokia X Review be available????

  • X

You can istall even play store in this phone by sideloading it n install the apps(almost 75% as said by Nokia itself) whichever is supported to this phone. and there are so many other stores also available.
so there is no issue for apps or stores availablity for this phone. and most imp. it has Nokia's build quality .. which is perfect as always...:D:D:D

  • AnonD-241524

Does the battery is removable? Thanks!

  • Am920

I think Nokia is still living in history,
many good company are providing 5-8 MP camera with flash and at least 1 GB RAM in this Price range.
If Nokia wants to gain top spot again then Major changes and customer need has to taken in to account.
or else its RIP

  • abhi

nokia x is a good profamance mobile