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512 RAM??? NO sec. camera? ONLY 4GB INTERNAL? nokia doesnt learn... its the same crap company and never an EVER listen to they consumers

  • AnonD-182859

Welcome in Android Market. RAM is low and front camera is missing so, price should also be low.

  • Tariq

Welcome Nokia in Android Market. Thanks Nokia.
RAM is very low & there must be front camera in it.

why does it have so hideous specs?? i mean of course nokia doesnt want this to take away sales from wp but this is far worse than even the 520

  • nova

So long

  • AnonD-136544

phone is awesome but ram is too low it shoult be 1gb or 2gb, android kitkat is good too camera 5 megapixel great specifications but ram is low.

  • Romitzz

Just superb ����­�� I can't believe that I am going to use an Android Phone made by nokia. Plzz Plzz Nokia bring it fast we r waiting fr you only in this android world.. Yippy!!!!

  • itsSumedh

Nokia......Back In Action !

  • Shanavas

Android.but no playstore support.

  • itsSumedh

Nokia......Back In Action !

  • AnonD-169887

can u believe it dosent have a front camera in today's world no video calling pure waste go get a moto g.

  • Suresh nokia Superst


  • Androkia

Can we root it ��

  • Anonymous

Nokia Android Super

  • Anonymous

woww nokia first android phone specs is nice only negativity is less RAM and no front budget phone

  • Vikram

Full power!!! nokla finally in it...

  • abdul karim

nice phone. Wellcome nokia in android world.

  • AnonD-34385

damm excited for the device, it's home screen is very much similar then of nokia n9's i hope it's ui is also based on swipe ui like meego...
but only 512mb ram it has to be 1gb plzzz....

  • AnonD-83395

Finally, Nokia stylishly enter Android world. Welcome on board

  • Anonymous

finally finally and finally in the ring with Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) but ram shd be 1 gb and battery back shd be good