Nokia X1-01 review: Dual-SIM 101

Dual-SIM 101

GSMArena team, 12 August 2011.


The Nokia X1-01 hides two SIM cards underneath its cheerfully colored shell, both active at the same time. And with a price lower than what some contracts cost per month, the X1-01 takes over where the C1-00 left off. There are several key improvements however, like dual-standby, microSD card slot, MP3 player and dedicated music keys.

Nokia X1-01 Nokia X1-01 Nokia X1-01 Nokia X1-01
Nokia X1-01 official photos

We liked the Nokia C1-00 for what it was - an ultra-simple cell phone with a couple of SIM slots that let you make calls from either card. Now the Nokia X1-01 comes to make take the next step, adding dual-standby,.which means you can receive calls to both SIM cards at all times.

The X1-01 seems well fit for emerging markets, where one phone is shared among a whole family. Having two SIM cards facilitates such usage patterns, while two carefully selected call plans the monthly phone bill can be reduced. Also, there're five separate phonebooks maintained on the phone, so several people can use it without mixing up their contacts.

Here's the summary of the Nokia X1-01 features, just keep in mind that the intended price range is €30-€40.

Key features

  • Dual-band GSM connectivity
  • 1.8" 65K-color 128x160 TFT display
  • Simplistic Series 30 user interface
  • Multi-phonebook feature - 5 separate phonebooks
  • MP3 player with dedicated music keys
  • Powerful loudspeaker
  • microSD card slot (16GB supported, hot-swappable)
  • Stereo FM radio
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Massive 43 days standby, 13 hours talk time
  • Flashlight
  • Very low price

Main disadvantages

  • No quad-band connectivity for either SIM card; no data connectivity
  • Rather limited music player functions; no RDS for the radio
  • No smart dialing
  • Miserable display (almost no such thing as a viewing angle for this one)
  • No camera
  • No Java apps
  • No image gallery or file management of any kind

There may not be much else in terms of features, but the dedicated music keys and support for 16GB microSD cards make the Nokia X1-01 a good alternative to a dedicated MP3 player. Plug in the provided headset and the powerful loudspeaker turns the phone into a portable FM radio. Nokia claim the loudspeaker is the loudest they've ever produced.

There's a built-in flashlight too, which will be appreciated by those inhabiting regions with unstable electricity and those who just enjoy camping. And don’t worry, the battery won't run out of juice any time soon.

Nokia X1-01 Nokia X1-01 Nokia X1-01 Nokia X1-01
Nokia X1-01 live shots

The Nokia X1-01 can't offer luxury, but it makes up for it with bright, lively back covers an as-low-as-it-gets price tag and simplicity of use. Now join us for the hardware overview of the dual-SIM phone on the next page.

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