Nokia X1-01 review: Dual-SIM 101

12 August 2011
The Nokia X1-01 hides two SIM cards underneath its cheerfully colored shell, both active at the same time. And with a price lower than what some contracts cost per month, the X1-01 takes over where the C1-00 left off. There are several key...

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  • Anonymous

how to make confrence call in x1

  • Rashid ali

Nokia x1 very nice

  • Rain

Dr Ramesh naik , 11 Mar 2017I have been using X1-01 for last 5 years without any proble... moreCan let me noe urs battery capacity for this model

  • Anonymous


  • Dr Ramesh naik

I have been using X1-01 for last 5 years without any problem. I would like to buy one more. It is not available in the market. I have five other phones,but X1-01 is my favourite.

  • Zheng

Is Nokia x1-01 3G?

  • sir loko

i have nokia x1 but 1t can't on,pls help me out.

  • ikram ullah

I have Nokia X1-01 it does not take the sim cards (even one sim) please help...

  • Nokia x1_01sculu

Open sistem

  • Pragadheeswaran

Nokia x 101 is the worst model ever manufactured by Nokia. Signal/Network problem persists always.

  • Rahat

I have a nokia x1 01 mobile and it sim 2 did not work sim2
no simcard msg displays i have clean the sim ways but invain plz help me

  • ram

Rahul Smart, 03 Dec 2011Hai.... I want to buy Nokia X1-01. Can you plz sug... moreDon't worry i also use this set from last one month and showing no bug and dual sim is in stand by mode .
so no need to woory

  • murugan

jim, 02 Sep 2012very bad signal for this phone... sometimes sms comes late... moreX1-01 sim2 is not used

  • jim

very bad signal for this phone...
sometimes sms comes late or the other sim has network problem..
recently i had signal problem for both sim...
there's no network problem because i try other phone when my x101 has no signal...
very bad phone if you want a dual sim function

  • qasim mano

Review, 11 Feb 2012Is the keypad as bad as the review suggested? Can someone p... morethis fone is nt bad fantastic fone but it,s a signal prblm..................................

  • Mee

yet!!, 24 Aug 2011 i bought one bcoz its cheap and dual sim... i dont care ab... moredus eney 1 no how do I use bof sims at 1s like if am on 1 sim call and the 2sim call can't cum in so dus eney 1 no wot do I do help me ples

  • Cypress

- No, this phone doesn't restart.

- Yes, signals sometimes die for a few seconds, only experienced this twice.

- No, its not unstable, its very stable and reliable apart from the signal issue, its been rock solid.

- The .mp3 player is very basic but it does the job.

If you have problems, I'd blame your network provider first. I'm also in Australia, so if you want a cheap no nonsense dual-sim phone, this is a very good option. This is now my main phone. Solid and durable.

  • rafzsta

hey guyez, i have used this phone for 8 months. I have faced advantages & disadvantages.
Advantages :
1. Its stylish ,slim & handy.
2.its reliable & cost effective.
Dis-advantages :
1. U can face frequent network prob.
2. If u are used to texting a lot,u'll face prob like, sms wont come to ur mobile,bt u can send sms. Its disgustng because u can't even notice sms aren't coming to ur phn.
In fine,nokia X1 is very good,nokia sholud concentrate on its probs. :)

  • riya

it is not suitable for all sim card..i have one bangal sim..when i am in outside kolkata ,then it is fine...but when i am in kolkata,then show 'check operator service' at the time of outgoing call.i am unable to call any where from kolkata using bengal sim

  • silcosilva

so far i only see those x1-01 made in india, the battery (bl-5j) is made in china though, charger is from india and headset from vietnam... quite a mix of country of manufacture in one package...

had it for a few months, so far did experience the no signal syndrome once in a few hours... battery couldn't hold as what Nokia claims, i got greeted by a low battery warning even before a month when i left the phone aside after a full charge...
the voice volume is a bit soft though, at times can barely hear what the other party is saying during a call...

only bonus is the build in speaker is pretty loud and clear, ringtones can be really loud, depending on the file (bitrate an type of sound/music)... music playback sound quality is surprisingly good, just plug in a good earphone/headphone/speaker system to hear, no equalizer is a down side but not necessary...

so far am quite happy with the phone, dropped it a few times (i work in a rough environment), it still works... it serves me well as a secondary phone and mp3 player/fm radio... on average, a full charge can survive me 4 days on heavy usage...

its basically a simple basic phone for those who just wants a phone with extras (mp3,torch,dual sim)...