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Nokia X1-01

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  • Anonymous

For those who don't know, this is not a feature phone (so its not a semi-smartphone with the S40 OS which has Java compatibility, internet access and a multimedia player), this is a basic phone with S30 (not to be confused with the S30+, which is not an OS, just a UI for the MTK firmware). Feature phones and basic phones arent the same. And the Nokia X1-01 is a high end basic phone, because it has a microSDHC slot (up to 16 GB), which allows you to put MP3 audio files on the phone. The S30 OS has a music player section, but only if the device features a memory card slot, otherwise this section will not be available on the device.

  • Anonymous

Viper, 18 Apr 2020Great old phone. The battery still lasts for 13 days withou... moreStill have my phone, bought while I was working in Kurdish Iraq. Could call to and receive calls and text to home in USA, good as work phone at y location. Security issues prevented other phones.

  • Hmzi

It was Walpole, 18 Nov 2018This phone honestly has THE loudest ringtone I've ever hear... moreMhhh i thnk so

  • Viper

Great old phone. The battery still lasts for 13 days without recharging, with a few calls. Such autonomy is hard to find.

  • Jugnu

Nice & Great phone by Nokia

This phone honestly has THE loudest ringtone I've ever heard in ANY other phone!

  • Anonymous

deb, 03 Mar 2015asking security code, 12345 not responding , please some on... moremy nokia x1-01 security code open tips 2018/10/16

  • kaytoo

i want my personal security i forgot it the code is 059PH1

  • AnonD-731712

I am having problem with speaker, unable to increase volume. I can't hear the caller very well, don't know how to increase sound volume.

Koyaw, 30 Jun 2017How to buy this phone? Im interested Just look through phone shops or online on eBay or Craigslist.

  • han

You did not say about the mp3 bitrate

  • Koyaw

How to buy this phone? Im interested


Gordz, 15 Feb 2017Delat all cod nokia x1-01I nead nokia x1-01 plees

  • Gordz

Delat all cod nokia x1-01

  • popo

AnonD-203930, 22 Sep 2016this is one of my favourite phone.. its durable, easy to us... moreu can buy seconds

  • AnonD-203930

this is one of my favourite phone.. its durable, easy to use.. i loved this one.. unfortunately i lost it after 2 yrs..

  • kingdi42

Still using it. After five years it hasn't disappointed me an I'm gonna use 'till it dies.

  • AnonD-524272

Ankita, 26 Apr 2016I have an iPhone but I work in a finance sector where all d... moreWow no.This thing is S30 as far as I know because it lacks ton of S40 features.I suggest you to get nokia e51 camera-free version if you want a symbian smartphone that doesnt have a camera and supports whatsapp.

  • Ankita

I have an iPhone but I work in a finance sector where all data is confidential.
So I need a phone without a camera during my working hours inside the building only.
But I need one which supports whatsapp.

Does this support whatsapp?
Is it a Symbian phone?
What OS version (eg S40/S60)?

  • AnonD-529500

I m using Nokia phones, since Nokia was born :)
Nokia X1-01 dual sim, is my emergency phone, from 2013 or 2012, not sure as the purchase history on ebuy doesn't go so far.
From few months problems:
First one card slot now both, doesn't work perfect.
Both sim cards doesn't receive txts.
Both sim cards only sending txt, and can do and receiving phone calls.
[ both sim cards works perfect in another phones]
Anyone have any solution for this kind of fault.
If yes please post it :)