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  • Nokia fan

I m using Nokia phones, since Nokia was born :)
Nokia X1-01 dual sim, is my emergency phone, from 2013 or 2012, not sure as the purchase history on ebuy doesn't go so far.
From few months problems:
First one card slot now both, doesn't work perfect.
Both sim cards doesn't receive txts.
Both sim cards only sending txt, and can do and receiving phone calls.
[ both sim cards works perfect in another phones]
Anyone have any solution for this kind of fault.
If yes please post it :)

  • emilio

I have one fall in the weather still working and is little Brocken I want buy another one I don't find can you tell me were can I buy one? I live in Qatar

  • AnonD-220495

Alberto, 18 Jun 2015Me too. My Mnvo sim signal every now and then goes down to ... moremy asha 210 have the same prob as yours x1-01,
i guess it's the prob with the later date of nokia phones...
but my 130 have a better signal on both simcards tho...

  • krish

Superb phone ever

  • Alberto

David, 25 Apr 2015Its signal capture quality is poor. when I use tatadocomo o... moreMe too. My Mnvo sim signal every now and then goes down to zero apparently without any reason. I suppose it's up to the phone as if I put the sim in another device the problem vanishes. I wonder...

  • roase

saikrishna, 25 May 2011Guys, don't compare this phone with high end phones and don... moreIts superb

  • Anonymous

deb, 03 Mar 2015asking security code, 12345 not responding , please some on... morewhile receiving call or calling other party iam not getting voice of other party,then iam putting speaker to solve this issue ,even I have done /restored factory setting also.

  • David

Its signal capture quality is poor. when I use tatadocomo on it .it takes a long time to identify .some times signal goes down without any reason.

  • Yel

this one is still available to the market?
I want to buy it so badly.

  • deb

raiven_x26, 28 Oct 2011The security for nokia any type was 12345' just dat easy?asking security code, 12345 not responding , please some one tell me the solution

  • AnonD-51107

i want to buy this good one in india. please suggest any address where i buy it. this mobile production is shut down by nokia. please help. thank in advance & happy new year.

  • AnonD-314204

i bought this phone in early 2013, and it is still in good condition today..i only used it when i send my smart phone to the repair shop

  • NIhan

happy, 09 Sep 2014I'd tried the code for the soft reset and hard reset for my... moreIts 12345 by default

  • happy

I'd tried the code for the soft reset and hard reset for my X1-01 but it didn't response. I forgot my security code.. Does anyone know how to reset?

  • raihan

Perfect for Rough use, Ring tone amazing and different all other nokia model, simple problem is its signal capture quality, but don't worry you will find the experience of long time smooth use like nokia 3310

  • kevin espinosa

hey guys..for the restarting problem of your phone..i have an easy fix..just turn off rhythmic backlight alert and more restarting..hope this helps

  • misu

dear all nokia x101 is very good phone i have 2 year with her it is very very good

  • Nimzzzz

what u thing?? which colour is thé perfect one??about nokia X1-01.....

  • AnonD-288830

mckatuni, 26 Aug 2013This option restores the .ini files from the ROM. This does... moreCould u please tell me the combination key for
nokia 101?

  • Avishek

Good Sound