Nokia X1-01

Nokia X1-01

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  • azaz

mckatuni, 26 Aug 2013This option restores the .ini files from the ROM. This does... moreNot working

  • krish


  • SR

Realy Its To Good,.Taking use from 2Years
Long Battery Backup.You can purchase this phone Nokia x1-01

  • Balouch-79

Best model x1-01 ph nokia

  • Kriks

To me this is a fantastic phone. All I need are basic features (calls, SMS, alarm) and this phone provides those perfectly. It's simple to use, and also has some additional features like flashlight (comes in handy in the dark), radio (but you gotta have headphones to use it, of course), GREAT battery life (I've had the phone for 3 years now and I still charge it once every 10 days) and dual SIM (can't hurt, even though I currently don't use it, but just as well might some day) aaaand (*drumroll*) SNAKE to pass the time :D

I will definitely stick to this phone for yet a long time to come because I dislike smartphones and like to keep it simple. When the one I have fails, I'm getting another one just like it. Hope it's never discontinued, it's my perfect phone.

  • AnonD-249187

arianne0414, 13 Sep 2013i charged my cellphone and after 3 hours i unplugged it. kn... moreThis sometimes happen due to overcharging. Don't worry. I had the same experience with nokia x3-02 when I overchaged the battery. Always disconnect the charger as the battery gets fully charged becoz doing so will result in long battery life.

  • AnonD-51107

chinna, 16 Mar 2014Sure,u can buy it.,X1-01 not avilable in indian market. and Nokia 112 has same big battery 1430 mah. But I need a basic mobile like X1-01 without camera. I dont want camera mobile. Nokia 107 has 1020 mah. Samsung 1282 has 1000 mah. No one stand in front of X1-01. I have Nokia Asha 200. Plz Suggest from where i purchase it. I want this mobile only.

  • chinna

AnonD-51107, 15 Nov 2013is this mobile available in market now? and plz answer that... moreSure,u can buy it.,


its really superb to use,i'm using ths phone for past 2 yrs,its very storng,long life battery saving,cheap & best.,

  • Roger

I have Nokia x1-01 can I use it with go smart service

  • AnonD-236419

i have a NOKIA X1 one sim card it had password but i forget the password how i can remove it.

thanks in advance

  • Mowafaq

i have a nokia x1-01 one sim card it had a password i forget it how i can remove the password.

thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-131839

AnonD-51107, 15 Nov 2013is this mobile available in market now? and plz answer that... morechoose nokia 112 with battery having vietnam make only.Its working 4 a long hour.

  • vk

I have this phone for more than two years. Basic phone with GREAT baterry life.
Good: baterry life, mp3 player sounds ok, dual sim works great
Bad: no bluetooth, no wifi, contacts are aranged very bad, alarm is very limited, mp3 player software is basic with no options.

  • Max

AnonD-188926, 29 Dec 2013what is the real battery of this one? BL-5J 1430mAh or BL-5... more1430

  • AnonD-188926

what is the real battery of this one? BL-5J 1430mAh or BL-5J 1320mAh???

  • reybau

very, very good battery makes nice during land travel and turn on to mp3 or fm for not unit bought 2 years from now and still very useful.

  • AnonD-51107

how friend you imagine like this? nokia 101 has 1020 mah battery and nokia x1-01 has 1430 mah battery. which is better. Plz thik and then says anything on this dite? Don't fool the people. Both mobile are basic mobiles made only for big battery for big standby time. Thanks

  • AnonD-51107

is this mobile available in market now? and plz answer that any mobile is in the market today like X1-01 big battery.

  • Awais

i am use this mobile now it have very good bettery time over all best cell phone ever