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athosdewitt, 10 Apr 2021I think it's time to let go Nokia. 'tis coming fr... moreFfs. Tis coming from a Windows Phone flagship user and a 7 plus.. 8.3 it's infamously buggy 9 it's ugly and i'm afraid to buy the good old beautiful 8 sirocco because of usb tip c issues on my own 7 plus. Swapping to Motorola if they get rid of plastic body on midrage phones also not a big fan of corner cameras.. it's that hard to made a modern bezeless quality ( except charging port part of course!! ffs and beautiful phone like 7 plus or sirocco? Sd 4xx i can live with it no ozo audio no zeiss no "reinforced" frame and glass.. crazy cheap build of quality on newer phones , mine is drying ffs i'm whiling to pay, HMD get your sh.. together

I think it's time to let go Nokia. 'tis coming from a Windoes

No need to buy a phone with 5G network. The coverage is very low and all the 5G phones are overpriced for nothing

  • Clay 3030

Nokia and LG are the same. Nokia for these two years:we don't sell anymore Nokia phones 😂

Abomination phone lol. RIP Nokia

  • Anonymous

Nokia fansboys talking about updates loool
Google pixel 4a and galaxy a52 having update best than this trash from nokia

  • APJ

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021No one with brain will buy this Why my friend...are you ......paid !!!!

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Id rather buy the pixel 4a for only 49 dollars more! This p... moreAt the moment in UK, pixel is cheaper. 🤣.
Plus pixel 4a will drop when pixel 5a comes out.
Nokia must be at the docks wondering when the Titanic is coming back 😬

[deleted post]Yep, glad not just me 🤣

Wow, Nokia knocked it out the park again. With how to crash and burn there business model!
How can these multi national not work out how to take a chunk out of the market. Simples.
Close to stock as possible ✔️ Nokia.
Two not quite top spec in all fields ✖️ massive fail.
Three reasonable price less than £500 ✖️ yes less than £500 but for what. Why bring out a phone that is behind what is already on the market.
4. Phone with reasonable lifespan and monthly security updates and OS. ✖️✔️✖️.... Lifespan, advertised as three year phone yet it's out of date on release. A reasonable update on the 9 preview would be a good start. But these are obsolete in a year or so. So why bring something to market that consumer's will look to replace in a year and its main sales pitch is it will last 3.
Jeezzz.... Good luck Nokia. Glad bit got shares with you guys 🤣

  • KD

Oh Nokia! Stop joking in 2021....

  • Glady

Lg is closing its mobile business. Soon might be Nokia also will , so Nokia has to focus on processors and cameras which would make their phones on safer side so Nokia must focus these points to make their mobile phone business strong.

  • Speedy

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021No one with brain will buy this I have Nokia 5.3 and 8.3 and will buy this one Nokia x20 and then waiting for Nokia 9.3 or 9.4 pure vieuw

  • Japz

Snapdragon 480 is still alive? 10 years ago nokia was the biggest phone company, today is the opposite. 120 euro will be the best price for this phone...

  • Bill

Errr, why would someone not buy a oneplus nord instead (or a pixel as some say)? They did the same with 8.3, it wouldn't sell, now it is nearly half price and it still doesn't sell...

Nokia keeps failing, although they were a massive case study in management school on how to destroy a good brand. Get your act together Nokia.....

I know Nokia technically isn't Nokia anymore, but there is always something about the design that feels very Nokia-like.

Or maybe it's just the logo lol

  • Anonymous

Thumbs up

  • wizkip

So apparently HMD global are allergic to Amoled displays and fast chips huh

  • Hi

I had Nokia 7plus, now using Nokia 5.3. I like Nokia brand than any other in the smartphone market. But here I think this, x20 s pricing is not good. For this price it should have sd700 series processor. I think Nokia will reduce the price.

  • An0n

SD 480 isn't actually not that bad for low-mid, Nokia just need to lower its price since basically it's a SD 675 5G version. Then, they seriously need to give option to unlock its bootloader. Such shame after 3 years you can no longer update your own device because of locked bootloader. That's it: lower the price, give option to unlock bootloader.