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Nokia X20

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Phony, 08 Apr 2021Snapdragon 480 5G For 350 uro???? 不不不不亢its because the Zeiss optic bro...

  • Peter

I am definitely going to upgrade to this phone as soon as it's available. I pre ordered one and I get the new Nokia buds for free with it. Now I still use Nokia 6.1 but I want a bigger phone bigger screen and 3 OS updates sound great!

  • Mohammed

Why should any body buy this thing , it may compete with half the price

  • Anonymous

ponk87, 08 Apr 2021At this prices just get the A52 or if 5G is that needed get... moreI would take this over to mi y mi 10t lite, which is most acceptable te from the Xiaomi lineup anyway. Software worth it. You will get a phone for at least 3 years, not a nice cheaper phone for a year and then crappy piece of electronics. However, it applies only to 6/8gb versions, other ones will be slowed down in a year.

  • Joe

ponk87, 08 Apr 2021At this prices just get the A52 or if 5G is that needed get... moreChines brands. No thanks, will avoid at all costs.

  • Phony

Snapdragon 480 5G
For 350 uro????

  • Amr

Ithink this is the right start great specs the price should be low to compete other than that hmd will follow lg

At this prices just get the A52 or if 5G is that needed get one of the many 5G devices xiaomi or realme offer bellow 300.

  • Anonymous

The Carl Zeiss they using in smartphones

that they always talking about

was good just in 2006_2007 days

time of
Nokia N73
Nokia N95

  • Anonymous

Nokia Must Join LG

the last flagship that they released
was with SD845
its for more than 2years ago

Nokia 9 with 512Mp camera, ppl @ that time was thinking they will hold something like small size of Hubble Telescope in their hands

plz join LG

  • Anonymous


this is a normal phone for daily usage

not a beast for gaming

  • qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

I can see Nokia isn't even trying anymore. This has to be a joke right? Who's gonna buy this shit?!

  • Plankies

HMD please sell of the Nokia brand to a company who has more respect for the name and there customers. This is maybe a 200$ handset.

This last Nokia lineup is so non competitive !!! Noone will buy this stuff. N100 is better and cheaper also looooooooot from Redmi and realme

  • Sam k

I m very exited.
Nokia the most trusted brand

I want to see what others are gonna say!! This device is damn good

  • Flor

Oh no!. Again & again.. no special feature for the audio. And the price for the 5g version? Sorry pass..i just grab a 5g Samsung phone.

I think the Galaxy A52 5G is a better deal than this. Sorry Nokia, nice try. Heck even the A72 specwise is better.

  • K.S.H.

I thought, Nokia was going to release some good phones. But ....... nothing to say.

  • Anonymous

Overpriced tbh